Foxy Brown Recalls Her Temporary Deafness, “It Was 100 Percent Gone Overnight” [Video]

Foxy Brown Recalls Her Temporary Deafness, “It Was 100 Percent Gone Overnight” [Video]

New York rapper Foxy Brown recently talked about going deaf a few years ago and revealed how she managed to regain her hearing.

Speaking with television host Mo’Nique, Foxy explained how unexpected the loss was.

“It was 100 percent gone, overnight,” Foxy explained. “They don’t even know why. I have the best surgeon in the world who specializes in ear problems and the operations and surgeries and Wednesday night [in 2005], I was out shooting the cover of XXL with Jay-Z, Kanye and LeBron, and Thursday morning I woke up and couldn’t hear anything. I was completely deaf. 100 percent. I just knew that God had got me then. Because I kept running and dodging him and he kept giving me signs and little warnings, and they say God will get you first in private and if he don’t get you then, then he’ll get you in public.” (“The Mo’Nique Show”)

Reports on the cause of her hearing was surfaced in 2005.

Foxy suffers from sudden and severe sensorineural hearing loss. Although not too many people have this, (only 1 in 10,000) it is known that the condition is mainly caused by viralinfection. According to reports, the rapper made the condition worsen after trying to hide the hearing loss in hopes that medication could help restore everything. Foxy also added that she had been deaf for four months without speaking out. (Hip Hop DX)

Her attorney also explained the seriousness of the condition in 2005.

Attorney Joseph Tacopina disclosed the rapper’s hearing problem yesterday (Dec. 5) after a question about why they exchanged notes while waiting in Manhattan Criminal Court for her case to be called on an unresolved 2004 assault charge. “She’s pretty much totally deaf now,” Tacopina said. “She can’t hear me. We have to write things back and forth. Anything I have to communicate with her now has to be written.” (Billboard)

She reportedly regained her hearing in early 2006.

Around March 2006, according to her rep, Brown underwent surgery and is well on her way to having all her hearing back. “I went straight from the operating room to the studio,” Foxy said with a smile. “It was really hard. I was deaf for an entire year. Completely deaf.The surgery was iffy. They didn’t know if it would be a success, and it was.” (MTV)

Check out Foxy Brown’s interview down below:

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