Foxy Brown Impressed By Nicki Minaj, “When You’re A Boss B*tch, You Give It Up”

Foxy Brown Impressed By Nicki Minaj, “When You’re A Boss B*tch, You Give It Up”

While many female rappers show contempt for Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown recently gave rap’s latest female phenomenon props for becoming a force in the music industry. 

Brown gives Minaj respect for holding her own.

“What’s funny, I actually applaud Nicki for it,” Foxy said in an interview. “I think she’s doing an incredible job of branding herself. When you’re a boss b*tch, you give it up. Send her a Chanel bag or something. If you’re winning, you’re wining. That’s just how I see it…I’m not caught up in [the homage beef] at all … I’m not even in that category. I’m still one of the youngest female rappers in the game. [Other female rappers] may feel like that because they’re older, but I myself am still young. I don’t feel that. I applaud what she’s doing.” (MTV)

In light of Minaj’s beef with Lil’ Kim, Drake recently defended his Young Money labelmate.

“My biggest thing was I don’t like when you talk about people I love. People that I know for a fact are working very hard and are very respectful people. I don’t like that. That pushes my buttons more than anything you can say about me. It was wrong for ever saying anything in regards to that situation and, as you can see, I left it alone. Its over at this point. You know, I’m not going to give somebody a “look” off that. The fact is, I see Nicki pay a lot of respect to a lot of emcees in the game and she’s just working hard, doing her thing. Other individuals who aren’t relevant get jealous.” (All Hip Hop)

As of late, artists like Gloria Velez and Khia have publicly called Minaj out.

“She’s in the studio with men writing her sh*t, saying it’s hot, but only because it’s what they want to jack off to,” Khia explained in an interview last April. “She doesn’t make music for girls. It’s a difference when I say ‘My neck, my back, my p*ssy, my crack,’ because it’s my own. You should be making men bow down. I respect myself. Love yourself, h*e…You can be a feature wh*re and when it’s your time to drop, you’ll have nothing to drop. Your single is horrible, your voice is annoying and they’ve heard it too much. Sit down, contemplate your album and give us something wonderful…I’ll acknowledge she has a hot song, when I write it [laughs]. Sean Garrett wrote [“Massive Attack”]? I think she needs to call me.” (VIBE)

Despite the disses, Minaj has decided to not entertain her critics with beefs.

“There are some that say something positive,” Nicki said in an interview. “You should be happy I’m here even though I’m showing you b*tches how to do it. But umm, I get more love than hate. So you know, it’s expected when people see there’s one person getting shine, it makes them feel unhappy with themselves. The small minded people feel unhappy with themselves. The intelligent girls take the things that they like from me and my journey and apply it to their journey. If I had it my way, that’s what they’d all do. Everyone is not going to like Nicki Minaj. Everyone’s not going to like the way I look or what I do but I think if you’re smart you’d take from me and figure out why everyone is talking about me. That’d be the ‘smart’ thing to do. I don’t think they know how to express that so they express it with anger, jealousy and hatred and that consumes them and I’m still here.” (VIBE TV)

Check out Nicki Minaj addressing her haters below:

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