Foxy Brown Explains Why She Didn’t “Massacre” Lil Kim

Foxy Brown Explains Why She Didn’t “Massacre” Lil Kim

 Foxy Brown has come forward to explain the delay behind her much anticipated “Christmas Massacre” Lil Kim diss record, which was slated to premiere over the weekend.

According to Foxy, a few last-minute venue changes forced her not to appear at the show where she was scheduled to perform the Kim diss track.

Female emcee and Brooklyn’s own Foxy Brown was supposed to release the diss record “Christmas Massacre,” on Christmas Eve, a track intended to annihilate Lil’ Kim, but the days are flying by without a record in sight. Apparently, she was going to host a party that night as well at Club Jelani in Brooklyn but after confusion with the party’s location, FB was a no show. No official word has been spoken on the status of “Christmas Massacre” but Fox took to her Twitter to shed light a bit of light on an unfortunate situation that’s caused the delay: “I’d like to personally apologize for the confusion and venue changing of the beautiful ‘Christmas In Brooklyn’ party. Although the confusion fell far beyond my control, my responsibility and concern is to my fans and family; my priority. As I always say…they Devi’s at his busiest when ur about to get busy.” (VIBE)

Last week, Foxy heightened fans’ anticipation of the record by confirming its existence on Twitter.

“Haaa!!! FOX aka MACHINE GUN KELLY live on HOT 97 next week! So all dat’ subliminal sh*t…..,” Fox tweeted December 23.

“D*mn! We just mentioned ‘CHRISTMAS MASSACRE’ and got the streets going crazy! WOW!” (Foxy Brown’s Twitter)

Details of the diss track getting an official premiere date landed on the Internet last week.

PLATINUM CAMP PRODUCTIONS in association with BLACK ROSES CREW & BROOKLYN’S BAD GAL FOXY BROWN are excited to announce the most anticipated response since Jay-Z‘s Takeover”, CHRISTMAS MASSACRE” Coming Soon!!! Foxy Brown has been busy working in the studio with Daddy Bigg$ on her new single, “Christmas Massacre”. Foxy also sends a shout out to her girl Nicki Minaj. Foxy’s single is set to drop at the holiday party at Club Jelani’s on December 24th, 2010 where she will address the issue with Lil Kim. The party will be hosted by K. Foxx of HOT 97 FM and music by Massive B, Bobby Konders, Jabba & DJ Boof! (Fox Boogie Press Release)

Another Foxy record entitled “Let Em Know” leaked earlier this year, which subliminally mocked Kim’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009.

“The streets talking about the hood going crazy,” Foxy raps, “N*ggas heard I f*cked with Ross and had a n*gga baby/They said I f*cked with Nas and now they say it’s AZ, but on the low, the real n*gga was Jay-Z — way before the God blew, way before the Maybach/Outta town trips to Baltimore…I’d rather be at a club at the bar than to disrespect my hood, you ‘Dancing With The Stars’/Nah, I’m in the hood taking chances with the Gods — I can’t see all you broads, dismantle all your broads — slam a b*tch on her back like I’m John Cena, f*ck that, I ain’t Kim — I ain’t Trina/I’m BK’s own diva.” (“Let Em Know”)

Check out a past Foxy Brown interview below:

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