Foxy Brown Breaks Down Into Tears, Makes Desperate Plea To Haters

Foxy Brown Breaks Down Into Tears, Makes Desperate Plea To Haters

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown experienced an emotional moment this week when she discussed the constant negative press thrown her way and poured out tears during a live interview.

While Foxy said she tries to keep her head up, the Don Diva admitted some things still strike nerves.

Veteran Brooklyn MC Big Daddy Kane shared a bit of advice, whether it be her legal drama, rumors about a Lil’ Kim reunion at Summer Jam or erroneous reports about her relationship with Jay Z, he told Fox: “Don’t even sweat stuff like that.” Still, the pressure of constantly having to defend herself brought Brown tears. “When it’s just completely redundant, when it’s negative stuff being said constantly, it becomes annoying. It becomes tiring,” she said. “I have tears in my eyes right now because what I’ve been through, you guys don’t understand,” she continued. “The fact that somebody can just lie and it becomes a trending topic, where everybody is talking about it, and you have to constantly come out of the booth and stop what I’m doing to defend a lie.” (MTV)

She also questioned why people refuse to let her live without the drama.

The emotional moment came after the show went off air on MTV Jams and began to broadcast exclusively on “You know me I’m far from weak, I’m as strong as they get,” she said defiantly. “I have the heart of a soldier, but after a while it becomes let her live. Let her live.” (MTV)

Back in May, Foxy stepped forward to terminate rumors about her making outrageous personal accusations about Jay Z.

But Foxy says the report is complete BS, telling TMZ … “The atrociousness of this story sickened me to my stomach. Any and everyone involved will be contacted by my attorney.” Foxy says, “In all my years in the music industry, these are the most disgusting and disrespectful allegations I’ve ever experienced. This fictitious story … with NO audio, visual or written interview, clearly was concocted with malicious intent.” (TMZ)

She also gave props to Young Hov and his wife Beyoncé for taking care of her throughout the years.

“Jay has only been wonderful to me and my family, a great friend throughout all the years I’ve known him and we had nothing but great success as a team.” She continues, “Beyonce, his wife, has always been gracious and sweet to me … I will NOT let any undercover hater create discord and disrespect my name and reputation.” (TMZ)

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