Foxy Brown Arrested In NYC After Altercation With Woman

Foxy Brown Arrested In NYC After Altercation With Woman

New York rapper Foxy Brown was reportedly arrested tonight in Brooklyn after violating a protective order filed against her dating back to 2007.

Reports on the arrest landed online Wednesday (July 21) night.

Bad girl rapper Foxy Brown was facing a felony rap Wednesday night for bad-mouthing a nemesis neighbor who had an order of protection against her, police sources said. The hot-tempered recording artist was chilling on her block in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, when she crossed paths with the woman, Arlene Raymond, who Foxy was accused of clubbing with a BlackBerry in 2007, police sources said. (New York Daily News)

An attorney for Brown responded to the accusations following her alleged $50,000 bail.

The rapper was arrested in Brooklyn Wednesday night for violating a protective order after a run-in with her “old nemesis and neighbor” Arlene Raymond. A Post source claims “they were getting into each other’s face,” with Brown reportedly snapping “What are you looking at — what’s your problem?” Brown has been released on $50,000 bail and her manager says the charges are false. (New York Mag)

Foxy’s manager claims the victim’s story is false.

Bernadette Brennan tells TMZ it all started when Foxy was rehearsing outside for her upcoming show at the B.B. King Blues Club in NY — which ticked off the neighbor. Brennan claims the neighbor then came outside and started screaming at Foxy — but the rapper just ignored her. We’re told Foxy went inside to avoid further confrontation — and that’s when the cops showed up. (TMZ)

The history between both women dates back to summer 2007.

Brown pleaded guilty in 2008 to menacing a neighbor with her cell phone. The rapper and neighbor Arlene Raymond got into a fight in July 2007 over Brown blasting her car stereo outside their building. The 30-year-old entertainer also spent seven months in jail for aManhattan case involving a fight with manicurists in a nail salon. (ABC News)

Aside from legal matters, Brown recently recalled going deaf a few years ago.

“It was 100 percent gone, overnight,” Foxy explained. “They don’t even know why. I have the best surgeon in the world who specializes in ear problems and the operations and surgeries and Wednesday night [in 2005], I was out shooting the cover of XXL with Jay-Z, Kanye and LeBron, and Thursday morning I woke up and couldn’t hear anything. I was completely deaf. 100 percent. I just knew that God had got me then. Because I kept running and dodging him and he kept giving me signs and little warnings, and they say God will get you first in private and if he don’t get you then, then he’ll get you in public.” (“The Mo’Nique Show”)

Check out a past Foxy Brown interview below:

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