Foxy Brown Addresses Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller Rumors, Reveals What It’d Take To Ditch Def Jam

Foxy Brown Addresses Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller Rumors, Reveals What It’d Take To Ditch Def Jam

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown recently put an end to rumors of her leaving Def Jam to join forces with Rostrum Records despite sparking the speculation herself.

While Foxy admitted she has received offers, the Don Diva said it would take a lot to make her part ways with the iconic label.

“There have been offers, of course. I’ve only been signed to one label my entire career, which is Def Jam.” The rapper in fact signed a distribution deal with E1 Music in 2007 for her Black Rose Entertainment label, but failed to put out an LP during its duration. “My bar is set so high that any label that I go to now has to be an incredible situation for me — financially and spiritually,” Brown said. “I’m on this whole maturation journey; I’m a different person.” The 34-year-old’s fourth studio album, tentatively titled Bandz Up, is in the early stages of recording, though she did debut a title track back in July at a live show for NYC Pride at El Morocco. “I just picked the mic back up,” she revealed. ” ‘Bandz Up’ was the first record that I did.” (MTV)

Buzz behind Brown possibly inking a new record deal surfaced online last month.

Foxy took a few meetings with Rostrum Records’ Vice President Arthur Pitt. A new deal is in the works; Pitt is in the process of negotiating a contract with Fox. He told her, “Fox sign the dotted sign”. Rostrum Records is an independent record label which was founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2003 by Benjy Grinberg. Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller are currently signed to the multi-platinum selling label. To date, Rostrum has sold over nine-million singles and 900,000 albums with Wiz Khalifa along via their deal with Atlantic Records. (Yo Don Bleek Raps)

A few weeks ago, Brown said G-Unit’s 50 Cent wanted her to become a part of the family and even questioned her attachment to one-time Def Jam president Jay-Z.

“50 said to me when Jay became president and I went back to Def Jam, ‘I will triple Jay’s offer to you if you come with me. What’s your allegiance to this dude?’ This is who I come from. It’s in my DNA.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Coincidentally, Curtis Jackson playfully went at Foxy’s head back in 2009 with a “Pimpin’ Curly” sketch.

“Motherf*ckers are out there talking about me behind my back, man,” 50 said in the clip. “He said the motherf*cker down South calling me Curly. Can you believe this sh*t after all I did for these motherf*ckers…Officer motherf*cking Ricky, when I catch you, I’mma cut you n*gga…motherf*cking b*tch Foxy Brown gonna tell me I got 24 hours to retract the statement, that h*e done lost her motherf*ckin’ mind. She don’t know that this is pimpin’ pimpin’.” (This Is 50)

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