Fox Sports Reporter Claims 50 Cent Wasn’t Trying To Kiss Her: “I Made Him Look Terrible” [Video]

Fox Sports Reporter Claims 50 Cent Wasn’t Trying To Kiss Her: “I Made Him Look Terrible” [Video]

Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews has offered some more context on what went down between her and G-Unit’s 50 Cent last month when they made headlines for an awkward kissing moment.

According to Andrews, there were a lot of things going on in the background which made her rushed and not ready for the face-to-face.

“No, he wasn’t,” Andrews said in an interview when asked if 50 was trying to go in for a kiss. “Actually, it was my fault. I will say that. I was so rushed, the drivers weren’t there — all we wanted to do was get [racer] Danica [Patrick], she was obviously the biggest story, and ah, it was my fault. I went one way, he went in the other, then they screamed in my ear, ‘Go get her, she’s there.’ 30 seconds left, I ran, I panicked, I jerked my head very awkwardly and disgusting, which I’m sure [everyone] loved. I made him look terrible and I feel bad. We’re actually business partners. I’m in on the SK energy drink. So it was all my bad. No, he’s awesome. It’s all my bad.” (TMZ)

Last week, she also hopped onto Twitter to address the eye-catching moment.

“Pit Row minutes before the 500 starts is chaotic. I’m a big fan of @50cent! #kiss #NONtroversey,” Andrews tweeted February 25th. (Erin Andrews’ Twitter)

Fif also went onto his Twitter page and addressed the caught-on-camera moment.

“Hey I wanted to kiss her?so I did “@MeVinceG: Damn!!! @50Cent is the shit! He kissed @ErinAndrews in one of the …,” Fif tweeted Sunday (February 24).

“Denied ?Wow they called me to interview with @ErinAndrews,we are working together on my street king energy campaign.that’s why I was being nice.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Despite their explanations, Fif and Erin’s incident has become an online joke.

In the rap world it’s called being ‘dissed’ and it’s exactly what Erin Andrews did to rapper 50 Cent at the Daytona 500 and because of the incident, she should watch her back. When rappers get dissed, there’s no telling what can happen. Of course, I’m kidding and Andrews has nothing to fear but it was an awkward sight at Nascar’s most famous race. By now most of us have seen the infamous ‘Kiss Diss’ at the Daytona 500 where the rapper goes in for the kiss on the lips and Andrews turns her head so it only lands on her cheek. (Rant Sports)

Check out Erin Andrews’ interview:

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