Former Gucci Mane Lawyer Deads Drug Overdose Rumors

Gucci Mane

After text messages were sent out this morning saying that Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane overdosed while behind bars, SOHH spoke with his former attorney Dennis R. Scheib to set the record straight. 

Previously known for helping Gucci avoid murder charges for shooting a man in self-defense back in May 2005, Scheib debunked the rumors about the popular rapper dying from a drug overdose while serving time in a Georgia jail. 
“I just talked with Big Cat of Big Cat Records, the producer, and he said someone said something about it, called him and said he talked with Gucci, he’s fine,” Scheib told SOHH. “Big Cat said ‘I just talked with him on the phone’ and [he] said ‘He’s okay.'”   
As previously reported by SOHH, the southern rapper was ordered to serve one year in prison last month for violating terms of his probation.
According to myfoxatlanta, Gucci was sent to prison after only served 25 hours out of his mandated 600 hours of community service and testing positive for drugs at his last probation meeting. After serving his jail sentence, Gucci will still have two and half years of probation and 600 hours of community service to look forward to.
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