“For Nas Even Comparing Me To B.I.G. Like That, That Was Ill”

“For Nas Even Comparing Me To B.I.G. Like That, That Was Ill”

After recently claiming rap veteran Nas said he reminded him of late hip-hop mogul Notorious B.I.G., SOHH reached out to UM (previously Uncle Murda) to get the real inside scoop.

According to UM, Nas made me the proclamation over Twitter which instantly boosted up his confidence as an emcee.

“Nas had wrote on Twitter that I give him an ill Biggie vibe. And then when I had got the call like, ‘Eh yo, go check Nas’ Twitter. Nas just said that you remind him of Biggie.’ So when I saw that, I retweeted that sh*t about 50 f*cking times,” UM laughingly told SOHH. “That was like an accomplishment for me. For Nas to even big me up like that or even comparing me to Big like that, that was ill. I felt good, that’s why I said it in the ‘New York City’ record and that’s why I retweeted the sh*t 50 times. I felt good about it. Nas is one of the best to ever do this sh*t and in a lot of people’s eyes, the best to ever do this sh*t. It was a good feeling. It felt almost as good as doing a record with Jay Z. There’s certain things that don’t happen for everybody. Everybody don’t get to do a record with Jay Z. Nas ain’t saying everybody gives him a Biggie vibe. It’s little sh*t like that that I accomplish and I’m thankful for and happy.” (SOHH)

With Jay and Nas co-signs, UM said he hoped to win some pop fans over with a Rihanna collaboration in the near future.

“I’m working on that Rihanna feature [laughs],” UM added. “I need some RiRi love, some RiRi fans. That’s the next big thing I’m working on. I love everything she do. Shout-out to RiRi.” (SOHH)

Back in April, the East New York rapper revealed Nas’ comparison of him to the hip-hop legend.

“the n*gga @Nas said i give him that Biggie feeling I’m really feeling myself rite now lets go Brooklyn #gmg #tuneheadz #epic,” Murda tweeted April 18th. (Uncle Murda’s Twitter)

A few months prior, Uncle M hit up SOHH and crowned himself in our Top 5 Dead or Alive rundown.

“I definitely have to say the Uncle Murda kid. U.M., the money kid, however you want to call it. I put myself in there because my story is real. It’s not fabricated. I represent the environment that your favorite rappers come from and that struggle. I represent the Jay-Z‘s, the Biggie Smalls’ and the Nas’. I represent that environment they come from and I’m still in the communities touching those environments and going through the bullsh*t. I detail this street sh*t so well and I put so much of my heart into it, how can I not put myself in there? And I scream “F*ck the police!” You haven’t had a person go so hard on the police since N.W.A. and 2Pac. I still represent that era.” (SOHH’s Top 5 Dead or Alive)

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