Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Turns Himself In, Boxing Champ Surrenders W/ 50 Cent [Video]

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Turns Himself In, Boxing Champ Surrenders W/ 50 Cent [Video]

Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has officially kicked off a three-month jail sentence after turning himself over to Las Vegas authorities entering into the weekend.

According to reports, Mayweather surrendered at a Las Vegas courtoom on Friday (June 1) accompanied by none other than close friend and rap star 50 Cent.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. turned himself in Friday in a Las Vegas courtroom to begin serving a 3-month jail sentence for attacking his ex-girlfriend while two of their children watched. He was accompanied by several people including rapper 50 Cent. (Washington Post)

Additional reporting claims he received standard jail attire upon turning himself over.

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. was booked into a Las Vegas jail on Friday to serve a 90-day sentence for domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend, a term that was previously postponed so the welterweight fighter could compete in a bout. Mayweather, a flamboyant athlete regarded as the best defensive boxer of his generation, was issued standard dark blue prison garb and slippers and will be kept apart from the jail’s general population of more than 3,000 other inmates, Las Vegas police said. (Chicago Tribune)

Last month, 50 Cent discussed Mayweather’s jail bid and wanting him to fight in the Big Apple upon his release.

“Floyd’s gotta go in, he’s gotta go to jail,” Fif said in an interview. “So when he comes out of jail, I want him to fight in New York. … He hasn’t fought in the East Coast, so I want to bring him to fight in, I don’t know, maybe I’ll get Jay involved and we’ll bring him to Brooklyn, to the new Nets stadium and if not that, then Yankees Stadium.” (This Is 50)

Details on the 90-day stint surfaced online over the winter.

A judge agreed Friday to postpone a jail sentence against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a Las Vegas domestic violence case, allowing the undefeated boxer to make a Cinco de Mayo fight against an as-yet unnamed opponent. The ruling by Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa to allow Mayweather to begin his 90-day stint on June 1 came with the fighter’s manger and supporters, including rap star Lil’ Kim and R&B artist Ray J, in the courtroom as a defence lawyer cited the economic boost that Las Vegas could get from the bout. (Global Toronto)

Check out footage of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s surrender below:

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