Floyd Mayweather Explains Rick Ross Truce, “I Guess He Don’t Really Want No Problem”

Floyd Mayweather Explains Rick Ross Truce, “I Guess He Don’t Really Want No Problem”

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has opened up about deading his past rap beef with Rick Ross and said he ultimately allowed the rapper to decide his own fate.

In an interview, Floyd explained how the “Boss” was responsible for sparking their initial conflict with a diss on 2009’s “Mafia Music” track.

“All I’ll say is this, I never had anything disrespectful to say to Rick Ross,” Floyd told DJ Envy. “I guess he went on record talking about ‘The Mayweather money look funny when it comes to the light,’ I’m looking at it like I got a two-fight deal, 115 million, it’s nothing, 60 minutes of work — I don’t front, what I’m doing is really what I say I’m doing. Everything I got is paid for, 17 million dollar mansion — and the thing is this, I never disrespected him, so he came off real disrespectful, I responded — at the Puffy party, I asked him let me know what it really is and he kinda leaned back a little bit, I guess he don’t really want no problem. A lot of times you hear rappers rapping about certain things, so I guess it really just is on wax, so Puffy said ‘Ah he’s just talking Floyd, don’t worry about that.’ But then I told Puffy, if you would have took the Biggie and Tupac beef serious, then both of those rappers would still be here. That’s why I don’t take no beef light. But like I said, I’m not going out looking for problems.” (Sucker Free)

Last month, Ross said his feud with Mayweather had finally come to an end.

“Yeah, bumped into Floyd Mayweather,” Ross said. “Most definitely. We chopped it up like G’s and after a discussion, we shook hands. So that’s squashed. It’s a new year, it’s time to get new money. Y’all know what it is. I kept it 1,000.” (MTV)

Reports earlier this year said Diddy had to break-up a potential fight between Ross and Floyd.

Floyd Mayweather was ready to rumble with a famous nemesis in Vegas this weekend — but just before a fight broke out, Diddy saved the day. It all went down at the grand opening of Vanity nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel — which was hosted by Diddy. We’re told Floyd Mayweather rolled over to the party to see Diddy, when he literally ran into rapper Rick Ross. Sources tell TMZ one of the men “bumped” into the other man and their entourages immediately became “confrontational.” But as things started to heat up, we’re told Diddy swooped in between the guys and calmed everyone down. We called Mayweather’s camp for comment and his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., told us there’s been beef between Floyd and Ross for a while because Ross has allegedly been, “talking s**t.” We’re told both Mayweather Jr. and Ross eventually went back in the club and partied the rest of the night away without incident. (TMZ)

Mayweather recently slammed Diddy’s co-sign of Ross as the new Bigie Smalls.

“I hear lately that Puff Daddy has been saying Rick Ross is the next Biggie Smalls. That’s not true,” Mayweather said in an interview. “He’s a good artist but he’s not the next Biggie Smalls. There’s only one Biggie and there’s only one Pac. The thing is this, rap is story telling. It’s not true. If somebody had those many guns, done that much killing or sold that much work or hustled that much, of course they would be in prison.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out Floyd Mayweather, Jr. speaking on Rick Ross below:

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