Flo Rida’s Manager Pulls A Lil Wayne, Kicked Out Miami Heat’s Game 7 [Video]

Flo Rida’s Manager Pulls A Lil Wayne, Kicked Out Miami Heat’s Game 7 [Video]

Miami rapper Flo Rida had to hold down two floor seats by himself last night (June 3) during the Indiana Pacers versus Miami Heat Game 7 game after his manager was reportedly ejected.

Details on the messy situation hit the Internet late Monday night.

Rapper Flo Rida’s manager was ejected from Monday night’s Miami Heat playoff game against the Indiana Pacers following a verbal spat with one of the Pacers, according to a televised report by TNT’s Craig Sager. The rapper, who hails from Carol City, was seated near the Pacers’ bench for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Just as the Heat had all but locked up the win late in the fourth quarter, Heat point guard Norris Cole got into a heated spat with Pacers reservist Jeff Pendergraph. Cole was ejected with less than three minutes remaining. (Orlando Sun-Sentinel)

Television footage of Flo sitting by himself immediately following the ejection has started to spread.

Both players were immediately ejected by referee Ken Mauer, who clearly had no patience for any hijinks, considering the game’s circumstances. Things then took a turn for the strange, when TNT’s Craig Sager reported that a manager for the rapper Flo Rida was also ejected from his courtside seat near the Pacers’ bench for trash talking with Pendergraph. TNT cameras caught Flo Rida smiling with his arm around an unoccupied black chair as play resumed. (Sports Illustrated)

Following the Heat’s win, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” host Ernie Johnson talked about what went down.

“Flo Rida’s manager was apparently asked by Flo Rida to [leave]. The arena didn’t kick him out, the NBA didn’t kick him out but apparently Flo Rida said, ‘Look, you’re my manager but you gotta stop, man. You gotta go.’ [laughs]” (“Inside the NBA”)

Earlier this year, Young Money’s Lil Wayne publicly dissed the NBA and Miami Heat for allegedly having him kicked out of a game.

“Let’s finish having a good time. When I say ‘F*ck,’ you say ‘NBA.’ F*ck! When I say ‘F*ck,’ you say ‘Miami Heat.’ F*ck! You let them n*ggas know I’m from the streets so I ain’t going on no Twitter beef — take it to the f*cking streets n*gga. F*ck all these n*ggas. F*ck LeBron, f*ck D-Wade, f*ck all them n*ggas man. And, and, and I f*cked Chris Bosh’s wife.” (YouTube)

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