Flo Rida’s Infamous No-Show Costs Him Over $400,000

Flo Rida’s Infamous No-Show Costs Him Over $400,000

Miami rapper Flo Rida will reportedly have to dig into his pockets and pay over $400,000 for not making a scheduled October 2011 concert in Australia.

According to reports, a legal court ruled against Flo and has ordered him to cough up the big bucks to concert organizers.

A MUSIC festival no-show will prove costly for US rapper Flo Rida, who has been ordered to pay organisers more than $400,000 after he slept in and failed to perform. The NSW District Court found in favour of the organisers of the Fat as Butter music festival, who were left more than $50,000 out of pocket when the US rapper didn’t show up for an arranged 60-minute performance slot. (Herald Sun)

The rapper must reportedly pay just over $380,000 in damages and the remainder in legal fees.

Mothership Music, the company behind Fat As Butter, sued Flo Rida and his management company for both breach of contract and damages. Neither the Florida MC nor his reps attended the hearing, and the judge awarded the plaintiffs $380,400 in damages and $37,745 in legal fees. (The Boom Box)

Flo’s October no-show reportedly cost Mothership Music organizers thousands of dollars in losses.

At a hearing last week – that the rapper and his management again failed to attend – Mothership Music said 2000 patrons had left the festival as soon as the cancellation was announced, leading to a loss of food and beverage sales. The organisers were flooded with angry emails, and blasted on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, leading to the loss of valuable sponsors and a significant drop in ticket sales for this year’s festival, which they were forced to sell for $99. (Sydney Morning Herald)

The rapper’s defense previously argued he did, in fact, arrive to the October concert.

Neither Flo or his representative appeared in court and it has been reported that the legal documents were served via Facebook. However, the ‘Whistle’ hitmaker previously claimed there was no room booked for him at Sydney’s Four Seasons hotel before Fat As Butter, nor any transport to the venue, and he insisted he did arrive to the festival but was late after securing his own transport. He said at the time: ‘I didn’t run to the media to discuss a business issue with my tour because I didn’t think that was the appropriate way to handle things. Now I’m forced to, because the things that are being said about me are not true.’ (Sky News)

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