Flo Rida’s Baby Mama Drama Blows Up, Hits Rapper Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Flo Rida’s Baby Mama Drama Blows Up, Hits Rapper Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Miami rapper Flo Rida looks like he may have to start digging deep into his pockets to provide finances to a woman and child he recently denied being the father to.

According to reports, the state of Florida is making Flo pay child support for a two-year-old.

Flo Rida’s baby mama is demanding the rapper fork over some dough for his kid … the very same kid Flo adamantly DENIED fathering — but now we know the truth. The Florida Dept. of Revenue filed legal docs in connection with Gloria Holloway‘s request for child support from Flo — real name Tramar Dillard — for Gloria’s two-year-old son. As TMZ previously reported, Flo denied knocking up Gloria … and even claimed he took a paternity test that came back negative — but according to the new docs, the court has ALREADY established paternity. (TMZ)

Despite the initial perception, further reports suggest Flo may actually be the boy’s father.

Here’s why … when child support requests come through the state’s Dept. of Revenue — it usually means no one’s disputing it. Translation: Looks like Flo’s the daddy. Now the state of FL wants Flo to hand over his financials so it can determine how much he owes. We reached out to Flo … but no word back yet. (TMZ)

No stranger to pricey cases, a court ordered Flo to cough up over $400,000 over a performance last summer.

A MUSIC festival no-show will prove costly for US rapper Flo Rida, who has been ordered to pay organisers more than $400,000 after he slept in and failed to perform. The NSW District Court found in favour of the organisers of the Fat as Butter music festival, who were left more than $50,000 out of pocket when the US rapper didn’t show up for an arranged 60-minute performance slot. (Herald Sun)

The rapper could make some big bucks if he and G-Unit’s 50 Cent go through with a celebrity boxing match against one another.

“I just always loved the sport, so it’s exciting to be a part of it,” Fif said in an interview. “I’m aware of fighters in different territories because I travel so much. … [What hip-hop artist would I want to box?] Flo Rida would probably be the toughest guy to match-up in a fight because he physically trains that way. It would be fun, it would be real entertaining. We need to actually get the pay-per-view going now. Call Flo Rida and see what we can do. [laughs]” (Fox 5)

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