Flavor Flav’s Ex-Fried Chicken Partner Clucks, “He Wants To Become A Millionaire Off My Dime”

Flavor Flav’s Ex-Fried Chicken Partner Clucks, “He Wants To Become A Millionaire Off My Dime”

Days after Flavor Flav announced his disassociation with an Iowa chicken restaurant partnership, the rapper’s ex-business associate has now spoken out.

According to restaurant manager Nick Cimino, Flav only wanted to profit off his ideas.

“I started this,” Cimino said. “I put together everything from the menu to the color of the building to the sign. I did everything. What Flav’s doing, he’s a fraud. He doesn’t want to be hurt with the other ventures he’s doing and he wants to become a millionaire off my dime, off my ideas…I came up with the idea and now he wants to run without me? That’s fine, but people got to know it wasn’t Flavor Flav’s idea.” (Baltimore Sun)

Over the weekend, Flav broke the news of his business’ closure.

Flav tells TMZ he had his attorney pull the license yesterday. He tells us, “I had a licensing agreement with Nick Cimino and that’s all we had. It was his business to run from there and the business was not run right.” Flav also said the food was a problem too, telling us, “Let me be straight up with you, I went up inside there on April 2 and I found potato salad that expired on February 28. And it’s then when I realized I can’t do business with this man and I really hope no one ate those potatoes.” Us too. The experience couldn’t have been all bad — Flav is set to open up “Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor” in Las Vegas next month. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, disgruntled employees said they were not paid properly.

Workers at Flavor Flav’s Chicken in Clinton, Iowa, are claiming that the rap star’s paychecks are bouncing. Both Kelly Butler and Kim Kostka told Iowa’s WQAD television that the restaurant’sowner, Nick Cimino, owes them three weeks of pay after banks refused to accept their pay checks. “My check was only $150 and they couldn’t even cash it,” Butler told the station. Butler also said she was turned down at several banks before finally taking her case to Freedom bank, which holds the restaurant’s account. But even they wouldn’t accept the legendary hype man’s check. Instead, they gave her a letter saying the funds weren’t available, she told the station. (New York Daily News)

Despite the allegations, Flav later denied his employees’ accusations.

Flavor Flav and the local operator of Flavor Flav’s Chicken in Clinton deny that some of the restaurant’s paychecks are bouncing. Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr., and Nick Cimino acknowledge some startup problems but deny that workers hadn’t been paid properly. In response to the allegations, Flav said, “We do have money in our accounts.” Cimino says he fired 15-20 workers recently for a variety of reasons and says the complaints are merely disgruntled former employees trying to get revenge. (Chicago Tribune)

Check out Flavor Flav at the chicken restaurant down below:

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