Flavor Flav Still Gives A Cluck, “It Ain’t The End Of The Chicken Biz For [Me] Like Everybody’s Saying”

Flavor Flav Still Gives A Cluck, “It Ain’t The End Of The Chicken Biz For [Me] Like Everybody’s Saying”

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav has revealed his intent to continue making a name for himself within the fast food market by opening up more chicken restaurants in the near future.

Despite his fallout with a restaurant owner earlier this year, Flav said he feels positive about giving the chicken joint business another shot.

“Well, when we first started off… we started off real, real good,” Flav said about his shutdown Iowa restaurant. “But in order to win in the food business you have to have consistency and there was no consistency. So what I had to do was shut it down, restructure it, go back to the drawing board [and] start over. [Then] open up again. We gonna give it another shot, but also I got two guys named Salvatore and Gino. They wanna put five FFC’s out in Detroit, so we’re gonna put five FFC’s out in Detroit…It ain’t the end of the chicken business for Flav like everybody saying it is.” (XXL Mag)

In April, Flavor Flav’s former Iowa fried chicken restaurant partner Nick Cimino cited the rapper for questionable business practices.

“I started this,” Cimino said. “I put together everything from the menu to the color of the building to the sign. I did everything. What Flav’s doing, he’s a fraud. He doesn’t want to be hurt with the other ventures he’s doing and he wants to become a millionaire off my dime, off my ideas…I came up with the idea and now he wants to run without me? That’s fine, but people got to know it wasn’t Flavor Flav’s idea.” (Baltimore Sun)

In late April, Flav said the restaurant’s mismanagement forced him to part ways.

“Let me be straight up with you, I went inside there on April 2 and I found potato salad that expired on February 28,” Flav told gossip site TMZ. “And it’s then when I realized I can’t do business with this man and I really hope no one ate those potatoes.” The restaurant, which opened next to a KFC in January, has had problems greater than spoiled potato salad. (New York Daily News)

The restaurant was officially opened in late January.

Equipped with his trademark clock, Public Enemy group member and reality TV star Flavor Flav joined citizens, city officials and media for Flav’s Fried Chicken’s grand opening ceremony Monday. Once the event completed, the restaurant opened at 4 p.m. and people lined up outside the building for hours to taste Flav’s fried-chicken recipe. Flav, who has been in Clinton since Thursday, said this experience is overwhelming. (Clinton Herald)

Check out Flavor Flav at his former chicken restaurant down below:

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