Flavor Flav Plays “Bat-Man” In New Horror TV Series, Reveals Details

Flavor Flav Plays “Bat-Man” In New Horror TV Series, Reveals Details

Flavor of Love star Flavor Flav explained his role in the new spooky show Nite Tales that will recast the former Public Enemy hypeman as a bat-man.

Flavor Flav is in the process of filming the first 60 episodes of his upcoming television series, Nite Tales.

Nite Tales is like a twist of the Twilight Zone. It’s a twist of Alfred Hitchcock, Rocky Horror. We aired this thing on BET on Halloween night and it did so well to where now they want to turn it into a series. I open up the show and after the show is over then I come back and I close out the show but I come on as a bat. The bat flies in and the poof, Flavor Flav!” (MyFoxNY.com)

After the success of their BET movie, Flav and his business partner Deon Taylor inked a deal to turn the show into a television series.

The Flav-hosted “Tales” marks the first project to come out of TriStar Media, a new joint venture between syndicator Trifecta Entertainment & Media, headed by CEO Hank Cohen, and Dennis Ray’s Star Media, which sells advertising time on syndicated series, specializing in the urban marketplace. (Reuters)

The original BET Halloween special was released on DVD today.

Paramount Home Entertainment is getting set to release a new horror entry on the DVD format next week in the form of Nite Tales. The DVD release actually packs in two different horror tales into one. The only extra on the release consist of Nite Tales Behind the Scenes, which is narrated by Deon Taylor, who wrote, and directed the feature. (dBTechno)

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