Flavor Flav Headed Back To Small Screen, Spooky TV Series In Works

Flavor Flav Headed Back To Small Screen, Spooky TV Series In Works

Rapper-turned-reality star Flavor Flav has teamed with filmmaker Deon Taylor to turn their BET film “Nite Tales” into a television series.

Flav will guide the audience through each episode.

Taylor describes the new show as “Tales From the Crypt” meets “The Twilight Zone,” with Flav playing a role similar to “Crypt’s” Cryptkeeper, as he did in the BET movie. The show will have a Web presence, including an online contest Taylor is planning in which fans can name Flav’s character. Taylor said he is targeting a young audience that might not know “Crypt” or “Zone” well, for whom “Tales” would be a new concept. The plan is for “Tales” to premiere this year as a weekly cable series. (MSNBC)

It will be a spin-off of their BET Halloween special.

“Nite Tales,” described as “30-minute tales of irony and twists,” originated with the BET movie that aired on Halloween and is set for DVD release February 3 by BET, Paramount and Deon Taylor Enterprises. The Flav-hosted “Tales” marks the first project to come out of TriStar Media, a new joint venture between syndicator Trifecta Entertainment & Media, headed by CEO Hank Cohen, and Dennis Ray‘s Star Media, which sells advertising time on syndicated series, specializing in the urban marketplace. (Reuters)

The show will be presented this week at a national television event.

The partners will present “Tales,” Trifecta’s first scripted co-production, at the National Association of Television Program Executives’ 2009 Market & Conference, which kicks off Monday (January 26) in Las Vegas. Taylor also is planning a “Tales” movie every Halloween, including one called “Terminated,” written with Thomas H. Fenton (“Saw IV”), that is intended for theatrical release this year. (Hollywood Reporter)

Flav’s last small screen role was in last year’s “Under One Roof.”

He will be on MyNetworkTV’s “Under One Roof.” Kelly Perine will co-star, as Flavor Flav’s brother who welcomes his sibling into his home after a stint in jail. Flavor Flav will star in what the television network president, Greg Meidel, calls a “classic fish-out-of-water story.” This will be the network’s first sitcom to be scripted. This will ostensibly be aimed at mining Flavor Flav’s comedic talents. (The Celebrity Cafe)

No information has been released on projeted television stations picking up the series.

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