Flavor Flav Goes After Chicken Heads, “I Ain’t Scared” [Video]

Flavor Flav Goes After Chicken Heads, “I Ain’t Scared” [Video]

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav has officially expanded his business ventures into the poultry market by opening his very own fried chicken restaurant this week.

According to reports, Flav’s fast food joint opened this Monday (January 24) in Iowa.

Equipped with his trademark clock, Public Enemy group member and reality TV star Flavor Flav joined citizens, city officials and media for Flav’s Fried Chicken’s grand opening ceremony Monday. Once the event completed, the restaurant opened at 4 p.m. and people lined up outside the building for hours to taste Flav’s fried-chicken recipe. Flav, who has been in Clinton since Thursday, said this experience is overwhelming. (Clinton Herald)

Flav also said he is prepared to compete with other fast food giants like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“My chicken ain’t no joke. I ain’t scared to go up against the Colonel, tastewise,” Flav said, referring to chicken giant KFC, in a YouTube video of him frying chicken at Monday’s opening. “You’re going to find me in here working. … You’re going to catch me in here seasoning up my chicken, flouring up my chicken, frying up my chicken. And not only that, but coming out here and serving my chicken to people.” (CNN)

Details on the chicken venture initially emerged last week.

Reality TV star and Public Enemy group member Flavor Flav said it’s time to open Flav’s Fried Chicken. The inaugural location for the fried-chicken franchise will be in Clinton, a move that seems as unlikely as Flavor Flav’s shift from popular musician to television star. But Flav received plenty of help picking the spot for FFC by local restaurateur and FFC business partner, Nick Cimino. Cimino’s brother, Peter, owns Mama Cimino’s in Las Vegas, ushering in a relationship that eventually led to Flav’s appearance in Clinton. “When the (Cimino) family first met me, it was automatically love at first sight,” Flav said while standing in his restaurant Friday. “They loved your boy Flav.” Once Flav started selling his 99-cent chicken wings at Mama Cimino’s in Las Vegas, Nick Cimino developed the idea to bring FFC to Clinton. (Twin Cities)

Flav is not the only celebrity involved with chicken ventures, Jay-Z announced his own launch of a poultry spot earlier this month.

TMZ has learned Jay-Z — along with his mother Gloria and sister Andrea — secretly invested in a buffalo wing joint in Brooklyn called Buffalo Boss. It’s not just because wings are delicious — Jay’s first cousin Jamar White is one of the owners. The joint is already making a positive impact in the community — recently rewarding outstanding students at a local middle school with FREE FOOD! How awesome is that?! (TMZ)

Check out Flavor Flav speaking on his fried chicken down below:

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