Flavor Flav Fights The Power After Las Vegas Arrest, “I Got Pulled Over By A Curious A** Rookie Cop”

Flavor Flav Fights The Power After Las Vegas Arrest, “I Got Pulled Over By A Curious A** Rookie Cop”

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav has come forward to defend his image after his arrest last Friday (April 29) in Las Vegas.

Flav believes being stopped for a traffic violation was a conspiracy by way of the Las Vegas police.

“Hey y’all this is FLAVOR FLAV, I was on my home from Benihana’s I got pulled over by a curious rookie a** cop,” Flav tweeted. “He found out I had a traffic warrant, wanted to make a name for himself [so] he took me in and now I’m home laying my bed, what’s the big deal?!,” he continued. Flav did acknowledge however he settled up with the court and is now in the clear. “At least, I cleared up my sh-t…some people are still on the run!” he quipped. (E! Online)

Details of his arrest emerged online Monday (May 2) afternoon.

Las Vegas cops tell us … Flav — aka William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. — was pulled over at 10:57 PM Friday night. When the cop ran Flav’s name in the system, he learned the rapper was a wanted man stemming from several prior brushes with the law. According to law enforcement, Flav never settled up with the court in 4 separate automobile-related matters — including driving without proof of insurance, a parking violation and two cases of driving without a license. We’re told Flav was taken to a nearby jail — where he was booked, posed for a brand new mug shot and was eventually released. (TMZ)

Las Vegas officials also confirmed his arrest took place last Friday.

Las Vegas police Officer Marcus Martin said Monday the entertainer whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton was arrested Friday night after a traffic stop east of the Las Vegas Strip. Martin says Drayton had two outstanding warrants for driving without a license, one for driving without insurance and one related to a parking citation. Martin says Drayton is no longer in custody. (ABC News)

Outside of legal matters, one of Flav’s ex-business associates recently talked about cutting ties with the rapper in light of their Iowa chicken restaurant partnership going sour.

“I started this,” Nick Cimino said. “I put together everything from the menu to the color of the building to the sign. I did everything. What Flav’s doing, he’s a fraud. He doesn’t want to be hurt with the other ventures he’s doing and he wants to become a millionaire off my dime, off my ideas…I came up with the idea and now he wants to run without me? That’s fine, but people got to know it wasn’t Flavor Flav’s idea.” (Baltimore Sun)

Check out some recent Flavor Flav footage down below:

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