“First Thing Out Of Baby’s Mouth Was, ‘I Want All Of Your Books Turned Into Movies'”

“First Thing Out Of Baby’s Mouth Was, ‘I Want All Of Your Books Turned Into Movies'”

Coming off the recent release of her Payback Ain’t Enough book, author Wahida Clark recently sat down with SOHH to discuss her run alongside music executive Birdman’s Cash Money Content.

Asked how things have been since teaming with Birdman last year, Clark said the journey has been nothing less than thriving.

“It’s going excellent,” Clark told SOHH, referring to her business relationship with Birdman and Cash Money Content. “One of the reasons why I signed to them was for creative control. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed. They promised me complete creative control. They said, ‘Wahida, you can do you.’ I had creative design over my book covers [release through Cash Money Content]. They’re like, ‘Wahida, just go in the lab and do you.’ So far, it’s all been going good.” (SOHH)

Clark also said fans can expect her urban novels to get their own potential films.

“When I first met [Cash Money co-owner] Slim I said, ‘Slim, is this going to be big?’ He said it’s going to be big,” Clark added. “He said Cash Money is doing books and it’s going to be big. They’re committed to making that happen. It’s been working out good so far. They flew me out to Miami last [month] and the first thing out of Baby’s mouth was, ‘Wahida, I want all of your eleven books turned into movies. We’ve gotta do your movies.’ So that’s next. Their work ethic, they just grind non-stop. I like that. They allow me to do the same and they allow me to do that I can definitely relate to the brothers. They’re very innovated.” (SOHH)

The seasoned writer’s latest novel also debuted on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Cash Money Content author Wahida Clark’s latest urban lit title “Payback Ain’t Enough” made its debut on the New York Times Extended Bestseller List at #27! Payback was released on April 24th. This is Clark’s THIRD appearance on the list. “Payback” is published by Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, home to multi platinum hip hop superstars Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake. “Justify My Thug,” last year’s CMC release from Clark, debuted on the list at #19 in its first week. (Press Release)

Not only focused on Clark’s novels, Birdman recently dished out plans to put together his own Cash Money films including the upcoming Rich Gang project.

“We start shooting that in the fall,” Birdman revealed to XXL. “That’s the whole team, that’s like a 2012 Balla Blocking. The Rich Gang movie is about the team. Everybody is going to be the star of it, but Wayne will be the center of it. It’s about the team, everybody that’s on the label. … I would like them [to] just be themselves. I’m not gonna tell no n*gga to go to acting school. Just be yourself. We’re excited as a brand about it. Tyga, everybody is like, ‘Stunna, let’s do a movie.’ We got a few of them lined up and we gonna shoot them.” (XXL Mag)

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