Female Attack Victim Tells Chris Brown To Pay Up, Sues For Big Bucks

Female Attack Victim Tells Chris Brown To Pay Up, Sues For Big Bucks

R&B singer Chris Brown may have to call up his best lawyer team as reports claim a female clubgoer is suing him for $25,000 following an alleged attack last month.

Details of 24-year-old Deanna Gineslegal move against Breezy surfaced Wednesday (July 24).

We called this one from a mile away — the 24-year-old girl who said she did NOT want Chris Brown’s money after he allegedly assaulted her in a nightclub has just filed a lawsuit, demanding $25,000 — minimum. We broke the story … Deanna Gines claims CB violently shoved her to the ground last month inside Heat Ultra Lounge in the O.C., tearing ligaments in her right knee. Chris denied the allegations — and the club owner said she was full of crap. Now here’s what’s really stinky … Deanna told “TMZ Live,” she only wanted an apology from Chris — not his money. She never got an apology … so now she’s suing Brown and the nightclub for battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. (TMZ)

Gines turned into an Internet sensation after publicly calling out Breezy in late June.

Apparently, things got a little confusing for Deanna Gines after she was allegedly shoved to the ground by Chris Brown at the Heat Ultra Lounge. The attention-seeking drunk girl reported that Chris injured her right leg… meanwhile, she was spotted being escorted out of the lounge limping on her left. Obviously, Deanna must have forgotten which leg was hurting her. Duh… (Heavy)

After the news broke out, Breezy stepped forward to deny the victim’s claims.

Brown, 24, denied the accusation on Twitter, saying he “didn’t do anything” and was sick of taking hits to his reputation. “The devil is always working. If it wasn’t for my faith and my fans, I would’ve quick music along time ago,” he tweeted Monday. “I’m tired of it man….!” (New York Daily News)

Earlier this year, Brown talked about winning back former girlfriend Rihanna after their publicized domestic violence altercation back in 2009.

Exhibit A: R&B star Chris Brown says he’s worked hard and persuaded pop-star Rihanna to forgive him and love him again, even though he beat her up in 2009 and may still be on the hook for charges in the case. London’s The Mirror tabloid is reporting today that he granted a “searingly honest” interview to a Mirror scribe in which he apologized, again, held up the assault as the “biggest mistake” of his life, and acknowledged that winning Rihanna back took months of “serious making up.” “But she loves me — what can I say? I’m forgiven … but, yes, I worked hard for it,” he told reporter Clemmie Moodie on Sunday at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar-watching party. (USA Today)

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