Fat Joe Welcomes Rappers To The “Darkside”, Star-Studded Tracklisting Revealed

Fat Joe Welcomes Rappers To The “Darkside”, Star-Studded Tracklisting Revealed

The tracklisting for Fat Joe‘s upcoming Darkside album has been released and shows guest features by Cam’ron, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and more.

Joe’s forthcoming album will feature 12 tracks.

1. Intro [Prod. by Scram Jones] 2. Valley Of Death [Prod. by Cool & Dre] 3. I Am Crack [Prod. by Just Blaze] 4. Kilo (feat. Clipse & Cam’ron) [Prod. by DJ Infamous] 5. Rappers Are In Danger [Prod. by DJ Infamous] 6. Slow Down (Ha Ha) (feat. Young Jeezy) [Prod. by Scoop DeVille] 7. If It Ain’t About Money (feat. Trey Songz) [Prod. by Cool & Dre] 8. No Problems (feat. Rico Love) [Prod. by Scoop DeVille] 9. How Did We Get Here (feat. R. Kelly) [Prod. by Raw Uncut] 10. Money Over Bi*ches (feat. Too $hort & TA) [Prod. by Raw Uncut] 11. Heavenly Father (feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. by STREETRUNNER] 12. I’m Gone [Prod. by DJ Premier] (Rap Radar)

Earlier this week, Joe held a New York City listening party to preview his new album.

“Welcome to the Darkside” (Scram Jones) features a few clever lines and hard production. Ends with “We gone throw the biggest party when Curtis die.” Draw your own conclusion. Cool & Dre keep that flame hot on “Valley Of Death”. Very low bottoms, guitars, and loud ambient noise. Scorching hot. Just Blaze gave Joe an immense, bottomless beat for “I Am Crack” and Joe delivers one of the all time gully songs speaking as the drug itself. “It’s Crack, baby minus the incubator.” Sick. The “Kilo is 1000 grams” sample first flipped by Ghost is somersaulted by DJ Infamous on “Kilo” which features The Clipse and Cam’ron. Very, very ugly. Infamous bodies “Rappers Are In Danger” as well. (Planet Ill)

The rapper has already named Darkside a certified hip-hop classic.

“I feel like it’s a hip-hop classic. From Premier to Just Blaze, to Cool & Dre, to Street Runner, Infamous, Scoop Deville, Scram Jones…What I wanna know is, who does ten albums, and on the tenth album, it’s better than all the other ones. I don’t use the word classic lightly. I never had a classic. Try that one out. Its going down my n*ggas, its going down!” (All Hip Hop)

Joe recently said he was inspired to make both street and commercial hits for the project.

“This album, I just wanted to take it to the streets crazy,” Joe said in an interview. “When I go on tour I see a lot of my fans that are real loyal. They all kept telling me, ‘Yo, Joe we want you to come back to the hardcore.’ I tried to make them happy so I just took it all the way to the dark side. I’m just trying to give ‘em that balance of that real street gritty Fat Joe — the gangsta early Fat Joe — but at the same time who also knows how to make hit records.” (VIBE)

Darkside hits stores July 2010.

Check out Fat Joe speaking on his new album down below:

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