Fat Joe Says Kanye West’s “Power” Wasn’t His Best, “He’s Even Better Than That”

Fat Joe Says Kanye West’s “Power” Wasn’t His Best, “He’s Even Better Than That”

Rap veteran Fat Joe recently shared his thoughts on Kanye West‘s “Power” record and said he hopes the G.O.O.D. Music leader comes out with a harder follow-up.

Joe believes West has better records just waiting to drop.

“I just feel like he’s super talented and that joint was, I’m sure he’s got even better than that,” Fat Joe said in an interview. “I like [‘Power’] a lot, but I’m sure he’s even better than that. Kanye West’s my favorite rapper,” he said. And even though “Power” wasn’t Kanye’s best effort in Fat Joe’s eyes, “at the end of the day, I’m a huge Kanye West fan.” (Bloginity)

Last May, Joe said he wanted a return of the old, rapping Kanye West.

“I love hip-hop music, there’s really nothing I can’t do as far as musically,” Joe promised in an interview. “I’m in the studio so much that I know how to make all types of music. I could make you a Dirty South smash hit right now. I can make you a NewYork banger to the highest level. I could make you a West Coast, girl song, whatever. I can do it all. I think [fans] pigeon hold their favorite artists and they don’t want their favorite artists to step out the box. I’m guilty of that too. My favorite rapper is Kanye West and when he did the singing album, I purposely didn’t buy it. I was like, I’m protesting it man, I’m boycotting it. I ain’t with that sh*t. I want the Kanye rapping about his moms, rapping about this sh*t.” (Ozone Magazine)

Drake recently opened up about being excited for West’s upcoming Good A** Job album.

“I’m very much looking forward to the Kanye West album because I need to be scared and inspired for my second joint,” Drake to radio personality Funkmaster Flex. “That [‘Power’] record just had to happen. Kanye’s a genius and I’m super excited for the rest of the album because I’ve heard some things that people haven’t heard.” (“Sucker Free”)

Rapper Nicki Minaj will reportedly be featured on West’s September 14th release.

BET’s Executive Vice President of Entertainment and Music Programming Stephen Hill was one of the lucky few invited to hear Mr. West’s eagerly-anticipated new project. “He’s got a track with Nicki Minaj that’s so dope,” he exclusively revealed to Rap-Up.com. “You won’t believe it when you hear it.” The executive has heard four cuts from the album, tentatively titled Good A** Job. “He comes back unapologetic and his performance [at the BET Awards] was stellar, absolutely stellar,” he said. Hill described the direction as more reminiscent of the rapper’s first three albums. “It’s less like 808s & Heartbreak and more like Graduation.” (Rap-Up)

Check out a past Fat Joe interview speaking on Kanye West down below:

Ozone Magazine Interview with Fat Joe from ozonemag on Vimeo.

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