Fat Joe Reveals Huge ’12 Regret: “I Wish Somebody Would’ve Told Me, ‘Joe Don’t Do It'”

Fat Joe Reveals Huge ’12 Regret: “I Wish Somebody Would’ve Told Me, ‘Joe Don’t Do It'”

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe recently reflected on his longevity in the rap game and what particular record he regretted dropping last year.

Despite hitting his 40’s, Joey Crack said he still feels there’s a lot of unmarked territory for him to conquer.

“I just feel I’m getting better,” Joe said when he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday. “You gotta reinvent yourself. I just feel like I’m getting better when I play with flows, a lot of rappers can’t even change their flows.” (MTV)

He also did not hold back about the backlash shot his way from 2012’s “Instagram That H*e” track.

While it is true that Joe has amassed an impressive list of singles like “Lean Back,” “What’s Luv?” and “We Thuggin’,” he doesn’t always hit the mark. His 2012 Internet release “Instagram That Hoe” didn’t go over so well. “I wish somebody would’ve told me, ‘Joe don’t do it.’ I played it for everybody in the studio, they was like, ‘Yo, Joe that’s hot,’ ” Crack said confirming that he got the thumbs up from not only DJ Khaled, but producers Cool & Dre, Juicy J and Rick Ross. “[The] next day it was like assassination,” Joe said laughing about fans’ negative reaction to the track. “I thought it was fun. I have no rules.” (MTV)

Joe’s unexpected track premiered online around mid-October and featured hip-hop heavyweights Juicy J and Rick Ross.

Fat Joe is making the most of his appearance on the BET Awards last night with the release of a brand new jam based on everyone’s favorite photo-sharing service. “Instagram That Hoe” hit the blogosphere earlier this morning and, thanks to appearances from social media monsters Rick Ross and Juicy J, is quickly becoming one of the most talked about leaks in recent memory. The fact that is a true statement is a shame though, as the beat leaves a lot to be desired and the hook is weaker than lukewarm water, but the name associated are all it takes to make a trending topic. (Under The Gun Review)

From start to finish, the Terror Squad head centers the song on the popular photo-sharing site.

“Instagram that jet, Instagram these kicks/Bouve on my wrist, Instagram that bitch /Instagram that track, Instagram these racks /Fell up off that balcony ass, so fetch your bounce right back /I got hoes off of my water, bracelet all on my anckle /Fuck parole, that striperpole, I love them hoes to their anckle /Instagram that ho, Instagram her mama /Instagram that bitch on the top of the whip while she giving me knowledge /Alexander McQueen, hundred racks in my jeans /Andy Warhol on my wall so all yall heard the bitch scream /Drake told me she look good /Homie on that camera /And I don’t even got hoes, got this Instagramer what” (“Instagram That H*e”)

Check out “Instagram That H*e”:

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