Fat Joe Responds To 50 Cent, “He Went From Selling 10 Million Albums To Not Even Going Gold” [Video]

Fat Joe Responds To 50 Cent, “He Went From Selling 10 Million Albums To Not Even Going Gold” [Video]

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has refused to keep silent on his issues with 50 Cent and explained why he says the G-Unit frontman is not only a liar but a has-been rap star.

From Joey Crack’s perspective, 50’s brand has continued to diminish since his 2003 debut, Get Rick Or Die Tryin’, which sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

“When he did that first interview dissing Fat Joe with you [Sway], with the candlelights and all that, he lied,” Joe said in an interview. “When he said no one knows Fat Joe in Africa, I saw that interview from Africa and I had 70,000 people out there. There isn’t a country I ain’t touch in Africa…You talk about album sales — he went from selling 10 million albums to not even going gold this last album. So, he lost nine-and-a-half-million fans in four years. I don’t really trip off him…The latest one he’s going at: Puff Daddy. He has beef with Jadakiss, he has beef with Cam’ron. Anybody we consider dope in New York, he has went at them. There ain’t nobody he ain’t touch. Fat Joe ain’t out here trying to battle-rap everybody in the world.” (MTV)

Earlier this week, 50 released a video mocking the rapper’s speculated Darkside, Volume 1 first-week album sales.

“I just listened to Fat Joe’s record and this is all I have to say.” 50 then puts up a copy of Fat Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 which has an animated smiley face crying with tears pouring down its face. “I didn’t mean to do this to you Joe.” 50 then proceeds to mock his rap rival with footage of a woman and men crying, all taken from different sources. The video concludes with a message reading: “Only 5,000 copies sold…d*mn Joe!” (This Is 50)

Despite Fif’s prediction, Joe’s latest solo LP went on to sell over 12,000 copies.

“Re-Tweet: E1Music Congrats to @joeycrackts for selling 12,320 copies of The Dark Side this week & being the #2 indie album!!!”

“”Why they mad at me for putting out good music real music music they can’t make!!! DARKSIDE!!!” (Fat Joe’s Twitter)

Last January, 50’s Before I Self Destruct was certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for shipping out over 500,000 copies to retailers.

50 Cent has another Gold certified album on his hands. The rapper’s 2009 effort “Before I Self Destruct” was recently certified Gold by the RIAA due to sales in excess of 500,000 copies. Led by the single “Baby By Me,” 50 Cent’s “Before I Self Destruct” closed out a strong decade of hit albums and singles for him. (Examiner)

Check out Fat Joe speaking on 50 Cent below:

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