Fat Joe Re-Starts Beef W/ 50 Cent, “I Got So Much Built Up Tension” [Video]

Fat Joe Re-Starts Beef W/ 50 Cent, “I Got So Much Built Up Tension” [Video]

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has expressed his feelings towards 50 Cent upon learning about Rick Ross‘ “Mafia Music” remix diss record leaked saying he “felt like” going at the G-Unit rapper.

Describing his loyalty towards Ross, Joey revealed the Miami rapper’s request for him to hop on the anti-50 song.

“Rick Ross my man, we got it in, that’s it,” Joe explained in an interview. “We get direct, simple as that. I just felt like it, that’s it. I just felt like it. I was done with that, I just felt like it. He asked me to do it and I got so much of this built up tension in me that I had to let it go through the music you know?” (Vimeo)

Aside from sharing mic time with Ja Rule, The Game and Ross on the record, Joey took aim at the entire G-Unit group rather than focusing solely on Fif.

“I don’t give a f*ck, I will burn your jehri curls/ [Tony] Yayo is his bottom b*tch, [Lloyd] Banks is a girly girl/Don’t worry about Whoo Kid…Big up to Maybach Music / Got them choppers man, don’t make us use it/ Hits out the park they call me big papi/ Even if you shot me you still couldn’t stop me/ Still went to Africa, still wore the big chain/ Where you got robbed at n*gga on the same stage / I say sh*t that you can’t say/ ’cause I am not a snitch, I’m not b*tch made.” (SOHH)

Prior to the release, Joe promised not to become involved in the rap beef between Ross and 50.

“Rick Ross is my brother,” Joe said in a February interview. “I’m just telling you [the battle] is a bit too much for me already…Nobody’s scared of no 50 Cent. Are you nuts are something? 50’s nothing, man. Nobody’s scared of him, I mean, tell me one person 50 Cent has fought. All this hoopla and all this stuff he’s doing, you tell me who he has fought one on one. Why should we be scared of this guy in the slightest way?” (Jenny Boom Boom)

Joey had repeately suggested 50 should fall back from his focus on dissing Ross earlier this year.

“50 Cent just gotta make music,” Joe said in an interview. “He does all these diversions and disses rappers to eliminate the fact that he’s not really hot and relevant right now. So if two weeks ago we were talking about 50 Cent, what record or what would we really be talking about unless he disrespected Rick Ross…I’m tired of all these gimmicks and these games. This man’s just gotta put out hit records. That’s what we’re doing…We making music. At the end of the day, we fell in love with hip-hop to make music and hit records.” (Kendra G)

Check out Fat Joe speaking on “Mafia Music” remix below:

Fat Joe Explains ATTACKIN’ 50 Cent on MAFIA MUSIC REMIX from HipHopStan.Com on Vimeo.

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