Fat Joe Rates Eminem’s Leaked “Recovery”, “That N*gga Spittin’, Hard”

Fat Joe Rates Eminem’s Leaked “Recovery”, “That N*gga Spittin’, Hard”

Days after the illegal release of Eminem‘s Recovery album, Fat Joe has publicly given his review of the solo project.

Joe explained what impressed him on Em’s leaked project.

“That sh*t’s crazy,” Joe said in an interview. “That sh*t with him and [Lil] Wayne, [track] number two [‘Talkin’ 2 Myself’]. All that sh*t, man. That n*gga spittin’. Hard…I thought I wasn’t gonna like it, cause n*ggas was sayin’, Yo, it’s rock, and this and that,’ but that sh*t was hard. I was expecting just more regular hip-hop type sh*t. You know what I’m sayin’? It was more like Just Blaze-[produced] rock sh*t…I like that sh*t. A lot. I can’t lie to you…I think he’s back to where he once was…For real. I think lyrically, he’s back to where he was. That’s what I got from the album.” (XXL Mag)

Em’s album leaked across the Internet earlier this week.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new kid on the block like Drake or a veteran like Eminem, chances are your new album is bound to leak early at some point. Marshall Mathers is the latest to fall to the leak plague, as his upcoming Recovery hit the Internet on Monday, two weeks before its June 22 official release date, and spread like wildfire. Fan forums immediately blew up with quick-take reviews on the rapper’s second album in as many years, raving about the many different sounds Slim Shady tries on over the course of the disc. The opening track, “Cold Wind Blows,” finds Em taking aim at some of his favorite targets, viciously daring haters to take him on while dropping references to Elton John, Michael Vick, Aquaman, Michael J. Fox and Mariah Carey before dipping into a sing-songy chorus, “I’m as cold as the cold wind … blows, bla bla bla blows.” (MTV)

In promotion of the new release, Em dropped his “Not Afraid” music video last weekend.

Eminem’s “Not Afraid” music video has been out for full viewing pleasure. The Slim Shady is seen standing on the rooftop of a skyscraper, looking down the street. In one point, he is seen throwing himself from the edge of a destroyed road. “The overall concept is basically just being in a dark place and trying to get to the light,” Eminem previously said in an interview with Skyrock FM in Paris. The music video is directed by Rich Lee and was partly filmed on the streets of Newark, New Jersey in early May. (Ace Showbiz)

Aside from rating Em’s new album, Joe is currently preparing the release of his Darkside LP.

“I feel like it’s a hip-hop classic. From Premier to Just Blaze, to Cool & Dre, to Street Runner, Infamous, Scoop Deville, Scram Jones…What I wanna know is, who does ten albums, and on the tenth album, it’s better than all the other ones. I don’t use the word classic lightly. I never had a classic. Try that one out. Its going down my n*ggas, its going down!” (All Hip Hop)

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