Fat Joe Prepares For “Dark” Days Ahead, New Album Hits Stores Today

Fat Joe Prepares For “Dark” Days Ahead, New Album Hits Stores Today

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has already announced plans to prepare follow-ups to his new album, The Darkside, Volume 1, which hit stores today.

Joe believes his new album can spark a line of albums and ultimately become its own brand.

The Darkside, Vol. 2, we already started the intro,” Joe said in an interview. “We’re just trying to make The Darkside its own brand. It’s Fat Joe, but it’s The Darkside. We come with Vol. 2, make it crazier than Vol. 1, by the time Vol. 3 come, we got a problem on our hands…Your man Raekwon, without a radio single, banged out numbers on that Purple Tape [a.k.a. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II] because that was already an established classic. It was a brand itself. People knew ‘I gotta hear that next album.'” (MTV)

DJ Premier is one of many producers whose signature sound is featured on the hip-hop heavyweight’s new solo project.

“Speaking of Fat Joe, I’m on his new album,” Preemo recently told radio personality Tim Westwood. “He called me and said ‘Preem, this album is straight gutta’ so I gave him a nice little nasty head-nodding evil Premier joint. Be ready for that. That’s just the warm-up.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Joe says the album features both commercial hit records and street tracks inspired by his fans.

“This album, I just wanted to take it to the streets crazy,” Joe said in an interview. “When I go on tour I see a lot of my fans that are real loyal. They all kept telling me, ‘Yo, Joe we want you to come back to the hardcore.’ I tried to make them happy so I just took it all the way to the dark side. I’m just trying to give ‘em that balance of that real street gritty Fat Joe — the gangsta early Fat Joe — but at the same time who also knows how to make hit records.” (VIBE)

Joe’s latest effort follows 2009’s Jealous Ones Still Envy Part II.

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe’s Jealous Ones Still Envy Part II got off to a rocky start landing at No. 73 this week. With seven days to his name, Joey Crack’s latest effort has sold 8,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out a recent Fat Joe interview down below:

Ozone Magazine Interview with Fat Joe from ozonemag on Vimeo.

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