Fat Joe On 50 Cent’s Rap Downfall: “I’ve Never Seen A Guy Have A Classic Album & Decline So Much” [Video]

Fat Joe On 50 Cent’s Rap Downfall: “I’ve Never Seen A Guy Have A Classic Album & Decline So Much” [Video]

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has shared his views on 50 Cent‘s occasional taunts toward him and why the G-Unit head honcho’s music has been on the steady decline since his 2003 debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ .

Despite claiming that he does not keep up with 50’s career, Joey Crack did say the rapper needs to make quality music in order to stay relevant.

“Nah, yo listen man, I don’t pay attention to 50 Cent, he’s irrelevant,” Joe told rap personality DJ Vlad. “If you want to talk about record sales, he went from selling 10 million records to not even going gold his last album so he lost nine and a half million fans. The economy’s f*cked up plus he ain’t been making good music. All we doing is making good music at the end of the day. The reason Rick Ross is still around, the reason why Fat Joe is still around is because n*ggas is making good music. He just gotta step it up and make some good music. I don’t want to dwell on 50 Cent but I’ve never seen a guy have a classic album and make such great music, his material decline so much in hip-hop history, like I be thinking he’s faking us out or something. I’ve never seen no sh*t happen like that…” (Vlad TV)

Recently, Joe said he wanted to have a final confrontation against 50.

“The day 50 Cent want to lock up with me in a bathroom and do this like men, we can hug each other and keep it moving the day after that,” Joe said. The emcee later mused, “I would love to be in an airport, we bump into each other, we go in the men’s room, best man wins, that’s it.” (MTV)

The Unit’s Tony Yayo later responded and said Joe would not stand a chance in a physical fight with 50.

“That’d be funny,” Yayo said when told about Fat Joe wanting to have a one-on-one with 50 Cent and then squash their beef. “For me, from my perspective, that would be the worst thing Fat Joe would want to do in his life. To go in the ring with 50 Cent, 50 will beat the brakes off that man and I’d bet a million dollars on it. I’ll take a million dollars out of my own money and I bet he’ll beat the brakes off of Fat Joe because Fat Joe eats burgers and all of that and 50’s running, his last movie when he lost all the weight, from the airport to the hotel. Now in a fight, it’s all about endurance. It’s about who’s gonna last longer, who’s gonna be winning. I give Fat Joe 40 seconds in the ring and his fat a** will fall somewhere. 50 will wear him out…I never had a beef with Fat Joe, 50 had a beef with him and whatever beef 50 has, I have. And that’s how his n*ggas feel too. It’s back and forth bullsh*t, but you know, it ain’t nothing.” (Hip Hop Gossip Site)

Prior to selling over 12,000 copies of his new Darkside album, Joe’s record sales were taunted in a video released by 50.

“I just listened to Fat Joe’s record and this is all I have to say.” 50 then puts up a copy of Fat Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 which has an animated smiley face crying with tears pouring down its face. “I didn’t mean to do this to you Joe.” 50 then proceeds to mock his rap rival with footage of a woman and men crying, all taken from different sources. The video concludes with a message reading: “Only 5,000 copies sold…d*mn Joe!” (This Is 50)

Check out Fat Joe’s interview below:

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