Fat Joe Offers BX Hood Challange, “I Can Blog W/ You In Your Projects” [Video]

Fat Joe Offers BX Hood Challange, “I Can Blog W/ You In Your Projects” [Video]

Fat Joe recently taped a trip throughout his hometown Bronx, New York while also offering to visit with fans from the area.

With nearly 20 minutes of footage, Joey is seen hitting various spots throughout the BX while looking at the camera and calling out the names of residents and areas.

“I live in the hood,” Joe said. “I sleep in the hood. I’ll sleep in the middle of the f*cking street if you want me to..I’m truly trying to figure this one out…South Bronx, if you want me, send me a request so I can blog with you in your projects. So hit me up on my MySpace. MySpace.com/FatJoe, just hit me up for a special request to lay down in your projects…I couldn’t believe people were saying I wasn’t in the Bronx. This is as real as it get. (World Star Hip Hop)

Along with the footage, Joe recently teamed with Akon to shoot his “One” music video from New York City.

“The video looks beautiful,” Joe said in an interview. “Akon, it was an honor to work with him. We’ve been friends for years and featured on tracks together. We finally got our own record together. He’s the King of Africa. I’m the Prince of Africa. (MTV)

With a strong presence from working with Southern artists and doing music videos in Miami, Joe has caught heat from bloggers and gossip sites over the years.

I’m shocked. I really am. Fat Joe took his elephant-sized a** out of his hometown Miami long enough to make a trip back to NYC. That’s incredible. So Fat Joe chose to use this “One” as a lead single for his album J.O.S.E 2, set for a new release date, May 19. Previously slated for April 7th, J.O.S.E 2 is probably gonna be another Dirty South-sounding piece of garbage. (SOHH NYC)

Joe’s upcoming album will feature a diverse grouping of artists and producers.

The new project will have guest appearances by Ron Browz, Fabolous, Lil Kim, T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne, Raekwon, Akon along with production from Jim Jonsin, The Incredibles and The Street Runners. Cuts from the album include “One” and “Winding On Me.” (Press Release)

Check out Fat Joe cruising the BX streets below:

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