Fat Joe Goes Loco, “The First Single W/ Chris Brown Is Retarded”

Fat Joe Goes Loco, “The First Single W/ Chris Brown Is Retarded”

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has revealed plans to put out a new mixtape in the near future that will precede a forthcoming solo project.

Although his LP is currently untitled, Joey Crack promises nothing less than street bangers.

“We gonna have them [Mark Henry-produced] joints on the mixtapes then we gonna have some new sh*t,” he promised. “Crazy new sh*t! Then we working on the album too. We haven’t named it yet. The first single with Chris Brown is retarded. It’s called ‘Another Round,’ produced by Cool & Dre and Young Lad. We got joints [on the album] produced by Rico Love; it’s sounding great. With the album, we’re gonna make that music that everyone can relate too. It’s still gonna be hard, but it’s gonna be hit mania. You know exactly what it is. The joint with Chris Brown is a super joint. I got another joint I’m trying to get Maxwell on. You know, I’m talking to the ladies. I lost that weight, I gotta talk to them.” (XXL Mag)

Last December, Joe said his game plan was to drop new music over the summer.

“I’m working on a new album now, but it’s not even a Darksidealbum, it’s a lifestyle album. We gonna do Darkside 2 and maybe the lifestyle will be put out together, Darkside 2 as a mixtape, and the other album, lets not just called it a lifestyle album, will consist of all types of music. Not just underground, hardcore, but everything. The new music is due out around June. I can guarantee there will be some hits on it. It’s got production from Jim Johnson, Rico Love, Scott Storch and I’m going to reach out to Scoop DeVille.” (Global Grind)

Last summer, Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 album debuted on the Top 50 sales chart.

Terror Squad frontman Fat Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 debuted on the charts this week at No. 27. After a full week on the charts, the rapper’s E1 Music release has sold 12,300 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Outside of music, the Bronx, New York-bred emcee is working on a new cooking show.

“We also got a cooking show with me and Queen Latifah,” Joe revealed in an interview. “It’s gonna be like a real dope [show]. We going for [television cooking star] Rachael Ray and them. You know. So get ready for that. We working, man. Next week we start. We already got our set-up, so we gonna start shooting our pilots. Boss up.” (Hip Hollywood)

An album release date has not yet been revealed.

Check out a past Fat Joe interview down below:

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