Fat Joe Credits Big Pun W/ Hit Formula, “I Got Tired Of Seeing 2,000 Dudes At My Shows” [Video]

Fat Joe Credits Big Pun W/ Hit Formula, “I Got Tired Of Seeing 2,000 Dudes At My Shows” [Video]

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has credited late group member Big Pun for helping him step outside of his underground image in the 1990’s and pen commercial hits.

According to Joey Crack, Pun pulled Joe out of the “darkside.”

“When I see these people put me in a corner and never rate me and not give me the proper just due, then I enter that darkside,” Joe told DJ Vlad. “And that’s how I came in the game, people don’t realize I came in the game digging in the crates, I came in the game underground — people would never believe that same guy would make ‘What’s Luv,’ ‘Won’t Tell’ or ‘Make It Rain’ but Big Pun showed me how to make them hit records. So after him, after he passed away, I got tired of seeing 2,000 dudes with army jackets at my shows. I wanted to make it half young lady, half dudes. So I made them hits but my point is, that’s what puts me in the darkside. Not everybody comes to the darkside and makes it out of the darkside. So you gotta know your warriors, some guys can’t fight. You have to be real thick skin to be in this business and I’m built for it.” (Vlad TV)

Last summer, Pun’s wife Liza Rios talked about her family experiencing hard times since the rapper’s fatal heart attack in 2000.

“The house I was paying mortgage for was my husband’s, wasn’t paid out, the five years I was living there before I sold it, I spent over $120,000 just on mortgage,” Rios said in an interview. “Then you got the kids, the food, the clothes, legal fees and when there’s no money coming in, it’s just money coming out.” (Ms Drama TV)

Joe later responded and accused Rios of continuously asking him for financial support.

“After Pun passed, we put together an album,” Joe explained in an August 2009 interview. “She told me that she was broke. Now mind you, Big Pun made millions and millions of dollars when he was alive. He spent a lot of money…I had no clue that he was broke. She steps to me and says ‘Joe, I’m broke, we got no money.’ I say, ‘well listen, people not gonna feel sorry for you because you’re Big Pun’s wife forever. I’m gonna get you some money, now what do you do?’ So she tells me, ‘Uhm, well I like to do hair,’ [and I say] ‘Why don’t you go to school to do hair and maybe you can open up two, three beauty salons and continue to support your family because no one is gonna continue to pay your bills because you’re Big Pun’s wife.’ The point is if I die, I don’t expect no one to give my wife five dollars.” (Hot 97)

Last week, Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 album debuted on the sales chart.

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 debuted on the chart this week at No. 27. After seven days in stores, the rapper’s new album has sold 12,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Fat Joe’s interview below:

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