Fat Joe Cooks Up Wonders For A Queen [Video]

Fat Joe Cooks Up Wonders For A Queen [Video]

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe is serious about his upcoming cooking show and has now revealed famed hip-hop artist/actress Queen Latifah is involved with the edible venture.

Confident in the upcoming television venture, Joey Crack promised the show would serve up competition for celebrity chef Rachael Ray.

“We also got a cooking show with me and Queen Latifah,” Joe revealed in an interview. “It’s gonna be like a real dope [show]. We going for [television cooking star] Rachael Ray and them. You know. So get ready for that. We working, man. Next week we start. We already got our set-up, so we gonna start shooting our pilots. Boss up.” (Hip Hollywood)

In early March, Joe broke the news of his new cooking venture.

“I’m working on a cooking show, it’s the first time I’m telling the world but who else can you trust other than Fat Joe to tell you whether the food is good or not,” Joe explained in an interview with reporter Peter Bailey, revealing his latest venture. “Yeah, me and my guy Chef Mark, he’s an incredible chef. We got that studio audience, we got that band, wer’re gonna bring guys like Lil Wayne, your favorite rapper, and ask him what’s his favorite dish, we’re gonna make it for him. Not only do you get to see Fat Joe, you’ve been seeing him in videos, rap music, you don’t really know the true Fat Joe until you really meet him. So once we in front of that camera and we vibing with everybody, we gonna have a lot of fun with that.” (NBC Nightcap)

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean recently talked to SOHH about his aim to host a cooking show.

“For Valentine’s Day, I would want to go with Nicki Minaj to my house,” Sean admitted. “I would make dinner. I know how to cook. I cook almost every day. Yeah man, I love cooking. That’s actually one of my passions. I think I’m gonna start a cooking show one of these days. My favorite is pasta. I love making spaghettis and macaroni. So I’d probably do something like that with some asparagus. Something on the side, maybe some chicken. Some weed brownies at the end.” (SOHH)

Young Money’s Drake previously revealed his passion for cooking last year.

“I want to drop this album, then another, and then take a break to do film and study culinary arts,” he tells Rolling Stone in the magazine’s current issue. Once he masters his skill, the aspiringchef plans to put it to good use. “Then I’m gonna open a restaurant in Toronto. Hopefully my name will hold more weight by then.” He should have no problem as he has quickly become the most-buzzed-about hip-hop act of the year. (Rap-Up)

Check out Fat Joe’s interview down below:

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