Fat Boys’ Prince Markie Dee Mirrors Fat Joe, Drops 175 Pounds

Fat Boys’ Prince Markie Dee Mirrors Fat Joe, Drops 175 Pounds

Rap veteran Prince Markie Dee of famed hip-hop group The Fat Boys appears to be a few steps ahead of Fat Joe these days having dropped nearly 200 pounds over the past few years.

According to Prince, his family ultimately motivated him to shake the weight.

Fat Boys rapper Prince Markie Dee ain’t so fat anymore — because TMZ has learned, he actually dropped SERIOUS weight … all thanks to his kids. 43-year-old Prince says he’s lost 175 pounds in the last six years … down from 450 — telling us, “I am not young anymore. I can’t go eat a couple of Big Macs a day and not worry about it. I have to watch what I eat and care about my diet. I have kids to live for.” Prince — real name Mark Morales — says he’s also planning a huge comeback after a 12-year hiatus … and has even signed with a label called Uncle Louie Music Group to put out an album. (TMZ)

In early summer, Fat Joe opened up about dieting out around 88 pounds.

“I always loved being fat. Obviously, I’m Fat Joe,” Joey Crack said in an interview. “If I could eat and gain a thousand pounds and behealthy, I would love to do that. But obviously the statistics say you can’t. It’s nothing that’s not out there. I think everybody needs to educate themselves. And if you from the inner side, the hood, the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, whatever, there ain’t no diet Snapples, there ain’t no sugar free candies. You need to tell them, ‘Yo, I need that.’ Because everybody needs a fix. So it’s a constant battle but for me, I seen too many of my friends die so I’ve been trying to be focusing, God-willing, I’ve been able to keep fighting this fight and remain healthy.” (New York Daily News)

Last December, Paul Wall defended his decision to go with gastric sleeve surgery.

“The surgery I got is called gastric sleeve. There’s three kinds: gastric bypass, lap band, and the gastric sleeve. Gastric bypass is the one where you lose the most weight the quickest; it’s for people who are 400-500 pounds and have health problems that they need to fix right away. Since [the weight loss] happens so fast it leaves you with a lot of saggy skin. The lap band, which is very popular, is when they put a band around your stomach and it makes you feel like you’re full, so you don’t eat. But there’s ways to cheat with it, and with the lap band, you can always get it removed to go back to normal. [My weight] has been up and down my whole life, so I wanted to do something to permanently fix the problem. Since going back and forth on the drugs for years and taking diet pills, my metabolism was really gone. So I decided to go with the gastric sleeve, because it’s a little more serious than the lap band.” (Ozone Magazine)

Fat Boys rose to become hip-hop icons during the 1980’s.

Originally known as The Disco Three, these large boys were discovered at a 1983 talent show at Radio City Music Hall. First Prize at the contest included a recording contract. The Disco Three were protégés of Kurtis Blow, who produced some of their recordings, but it was their manager Charles Stettler who, after being presented with an inflated hotel food bill for the group suggested they change their name to the Fat Boys. The next single “Fat Boys” was highly successful and thus spawned the permanent name change that coincided with the release of “Fat Boys” on Sutra in 1984. (Old School Hip-Hop)

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