Family Feud: Diggy Simmons Vs. Kimora Lee Simmons

Family Feud: Diggy Simmons Vs. Kimora Lee Simmons

In Round 1, Dipset’s Freekey Zekey went “Ballin'” over Jim Jones‘s head with a 91% win. In Round 2, we witness a filial fiasco as the much-buzzed about teen rapper Diggy Simmons takes on his fashionista aunt Kimora Lee Simmons. Can the young gun put his auntie Simmons up on game or will she son her nephew? Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

I’m gonna start it off with Lupe Fiasco. I feel like Lupe is one of those guys in hip-hop that gets overlooked. I feel like he’s one of the best lyricists and arguably the best to ever do it as well.

I like Lil Wayne and I’m going to choose him because he’s not on the [Hall of Fame] list. I like Lil Wayne a lot because I’ve watched him grow up as a rapper. He was really young and I think it’s really incredible how he grew up [in the rap game]. He’s always willing to try new things whether it’s rock n’ roll, or ctric guitar, or whatever he’s doing. I love the way he mixes [different] elements. I love his flow and how he sounds on certain beats.

I want to put Andre 3000 in there as well. Honestly, I think he’s the best to ever do it. For real. Just look at his style, his flow, and just the way he even sings on some [tracks]. He’s done so much more for hip-hop than people even know. He’s definitely one of those guy’s that’s overlooked.

I’m gonna say Ludacris. [This] list is really hard because I have to name rappers who aren’t on there and all of them are my favorites. I would name Nicki Minaj as my second but I’m going to take her out and put Ludacris there instead. Music to me is about flow and I also really love Ludacris’ flow when he raps. With Ludacris, it’s really about the flow and the beat.

Then, I’m gonna name Kanye West. I’ve loved everything Kanye West has done in his music. From 808’s & Heartbreaks to College Dropout, it’s been like undeniable. When he puts out a body of work, it’s a real body of work. Sonically, it’s just dope. So I’m a fan of just how much hard work he puts in. From doing 33 mixes, I heard, to doing his single, “All of the Lights”, to just the really big things he does. And looking at how much of a big vision he has is really inspiring as well, all the way down to the “Glow in the Dark” tour. I just love the way he portrays his vision.

I like Beanie Sigel. I also like how Beanie Sigel flows. It’s always about how a rapper flows and then it’s about the beat and how they sound on it. That’s what’s most important.

Big L. I’m just a straight up fan of how lyrically dope he was. He’s incredible. That’s all I can say. He’s always put it down, song for song for song.

I like Shyne. I really like Shyne’s voice and what he’s saying. I listen to what he’s saying and how he’s putting words together when he raps.

And for the final one, I’m going to name Canibus. I name him because of his flow. His flow is so good and I’ve been inspired by it. I’m also inspired by how aggressive he is on the mic and obviously he’s inspired me lyrically. So shout-out to Canibus. He’s one of the best, in my opinion.

I like really like Fabolous. It still comes down to the flow and Fabolous has been rapping for a long time too.

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