Fallen NY Rap Star Calls Lil Wayne “The Biggest Thing In The Game”

Fallen NY Rap Star Calls Lil Wayne “The Biggest Thing In The Game”

Recently released New York rapper Chi-Ali has offered his take on Lil Wayne after serving over a decade behind bars and said Weezy F. Baby is hip-hop’s biggest icon these days.

Chi said his admiration for Wayne dates back to the rapper’s early teenage Cash Money days.

“Meeting Lil Wayne for the first time was great,” Chi-Ali told MTV News of the meeting that their mutual friend Fat Joe set up. “I’ve been watching him for the last 12 years while I was prison. So I literally watched him blow and grow from a young man to a grown-ass man, and he’s huge.” Chi dropped his first album, The Fabulous Chi-Ali, back in 1992, and back then, the Bronx, New York, native was hooked up with the Beatnuts and the Native Tongues crew — it was all a pretty big deal. But since his incarceration, new players have emerged in the rap game, few bigger than Lil Wayne, so for the Young Money boss to treat the veteran rapper with such respect meant a lot to Ali. (MTV)

The former convicted felon also went on to call Wayne one of hip-hop’s greatest.

“I appreciate him, I applaud him. A lot of artists need to take some tips from Wayne on how to handle their success,” he said. “My kids, my daughters love him. Who don’t love Wayne? He’s the biggest thing in the game, I believe, definitely in hip-hop.” (MTV)

Earlier this year, Cali Swag District’s Yung told SOHH Weezy’s the greatest rapper breathing.

“Lil Wayne. For right now, he’s the greatest rapper alive. At the moment, look at the way he’s got it. There’s nothing he’s not on that he doesn’t rap. Lil Wayne’s got it.” (SOHH Top 5 Dead Or Alive)

Having only released one album back in 1992, Chi reportedly began serving his 14 year sentence in 2001 before recently getting released from prison.

On January 14, 2000, Griffith shot and killed Sean Raymond, in The Bronx, New York. At the time, Griffith was dating Raymond’s sister. He was charged with second-degree murder, as well as various lesser charges. An extensive manhunt resulted, with Griffith twice being featured on the TV program America’s Most Wanted. He was apprehended on March 5, 2001, and was subsequently convicted of the killing. He is currently serving a 14-year sentence at Sing Sing Correctional Facility, where he is prisoner number 04A0267. (Wikipedia)

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