Fallen Ex-NY Knicks Star Exposed In $1 Million Sex Scandal

Fallen Ex-NY Knicks Star Exposed In $1 Million Sex Scandal

Former New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury is the target of bad press this weekend as reports claim he paid a personal chef close to $1 million to stay quiet about their secret love affair.

Details on the sticky situation bubbled online early Saturday (October 20) morning.

He had problems on court in New York, but former Knicks’ star Stephon Marbury was scoring plenty at home — with his family’s personal chef, bombshell court papers reveal. Marbury carried on an affair with chef Thurayyah Mitchell, and offered her nearly $1 million so his wife and the Knicks — who were dealing with their own sexual-harassment problems at the time — wouldn’t learn about it, court papers disclose. The Coney Island native hired Mitchell as a “private chef” in January 2006, the same month the team and coach Isiah Thomas were hit with a $10 million sexual-harassment suit by one of their executives, Anucha Browne Sanders. Mitchell was soon serving up more than hot meals to her boss, the papers say. “Starbury” fired her in 2006, and Mitchell complained that she’d been the victim of sexual harassment. (New York Post)

Despite agreeing to pay $900,000, Marbury reportedly fell short of fulfilling his promise.

Marbury, however, stopped making the payments in January 2010 after he’d already shelled out about $600,000 and, at Mitchell’s request, the case went to an arbitrator. “It is uncontroverted that during Ms. Mitchell’s employment, she had a sexual relationship with Stephon Marbury which she described as occurring on approximately five occasions,” the arbitrator found. Mitchell said the star “made her believe that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job,” the ruling said. The other requirement was cooking for his wife, Latasha, and their three kids. The arbitrator awarded Mitchell $330,000, saying she could have sued Marbury or sold her story for more money than she received, and that Marbury had his eyes open when he made the deal. (New York Post)

No stranger to the hip-hop spotlight, Marbury called out rap mogul Jay-Z back in 2009 over a name-drop on 2003’s “La La La” hit.

“Let me tell you something homeboy, you gonna apologize for saying that ‘Don’t get me confused with Marbury you run up on me at the light, you gonna lose your life,'” Marbury said. “You never gonna say that to nobody because guess what, I’m setting up programs for everybody that’s in jail coming home. Yup, they all gonna be working for Starbury. And guess what, they gonna hear this up north. And guess what? They know up north, whatever Starbury says, he’s gonna do it. ‘I seen him bring home three tractor trailers to his home in Coney Island and give out pizza for days…shorts, t-shirt, you name it, he did it.’ … Jay-Z, you better say sorry! Because we form like Voltron in here, you know what that’s gonna be…Nobody don’t like you no more…Come on son, how you gonna hate on T-Pain?” (Starbury Fan)

The fallen NBA star is well-known for his close ties to Fat Joe’s Terror Squad camp.

Marbury is also known to count many non-basketball celebrities among his friends. The point guard has been spotted hanging out with entertainers Ja Rule and Nick Cannon, as well as members of the New York based rap group Terror Squad and its leader, Fat Joe. In 2003 and 2004 Marbury led Joe’s Terror Squad team to the championship of Fat Joe’s annual streetball competition, The Entertainer’s Basketball League. (Hoopedia)

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