Faith Evans Hit W/ B.I.G. Tax Lien, Notorious’ Ex-Wife Owes $60,000

Faith Evans Hit W/ B.I.G. Tax Lien, Notorious’ Ex-Wife Owes $60,000

R&B singer Faith Evans is making weekend headlines with reports claiming she owes just over $60,000 to the state of California for debts dating back four years ago.

According to reports, Evans is required to address the tax lien to avoid losing any assets.

Faith Evans, the former wife of rapper Notorious BIG, is becoming quite notorious herself … at least according to the State of California, who just issued a GIANT sized tax lien against the R&B singer. The State of California Tax Franchise Board filed papers recently … claiming Evans failed to fully pay her taxes to the Golden State for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 … to the tune of $60,357.17. If Evans doesn’t cough up the cash soon, the state could go after any assets she owns — like homes, cars and bank accounts. (Your Black World)

Back in 2010, the renowned singer’s financial woes emerged online.

The IRS filed a $36,360 lien against Evans on March 4 with the New York City Register’s office. The IRS filed a $119,821 lien against Evans on Feb. 16 with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds. The state of New Jersey filed a $204,000 lien against Evans on Oct. 30, 2008, with the New Jersey State Superior Court. (Detroit News)

Around February 2010, the crooner was sued for over $1 million in relation to unreleased Biggie Smalls videos.

It’s all over private home videos of Christopher Wallace — videos that a company called Kaushi Entertainment wanted to use in a documentary. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, Kaushi claims they struck a deal, approved by Faith Evans, in which they would fork over $30k for all of the movies. Kaushi claims they paid up — but Faith Evans, along with several associates, never handed over the goods. Long story short — Kaushi claims they got screwed and want more than $1,000,000 to make things right. (TMZ)

Last year, Evans and ex-husband Todd Russaw separated after more than ten years of marriage.

“The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone’s life. However, after a great deal of thought and careful consideration, we have come to the decision to end our marriage together. We will both remain committed to parenting our children and will also continue to support each other’s professional endeavors. We consider this a private matter and we will not make any further statement regarding the matter. We would appreciate the press respecting the privacy of our family, particularly our children, as we attempt to handle our situation with respect and dignity.” (VIBE)

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