Fabolous Wants To Get Under Kobe Bryant’s Skin: “In The Locker Room, They’re Going To Play This Over & Over” [Audio]

Fabolous Wants To Get Under Kobe Bryant’s Skin: “In The Locker Room, They’re Going To Play This Over & Over” [Audio]

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous may have crushed the hearts of his hometown Nets by recently revealing his hidden loyalty to five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers.

Fab said he hoped his doubt of the Lake Show making it into this year’s playoffs will get Kobe’s teammates fired up to make a late season push.

“So you guys still think the Lakers are going to make the playoffs,” Fab asked in an interview. “Let me tell you something. I’m actually a Laker fan, like I’m a quiet Laker fan. I’m not from LA, so I don’t preach it as much, but I really, I grew up loving Kobe Bryant’s game and the Lakers and stuff like that. But I’m a little skeptical in them making the playoffs. I’m hoping what I’m saying is some motivation. I’m hoping this interview gets out. My inner Laker fan wants this to be a motivational turn for them. … Like, in the locker room, they’re going to play this over and over. You gotta win, man.” (“Los Angeles Leakers”)

Despite his hatred for Bryant, Atlanta’s Waka Flocka Flame admitted he would ride with Kobe over the Miami Heat’s LeBron James any day last fall.

“As a basketball player, I’ll say Kobe Bryant,” Waka said in an interview. “And I hate Kobe Bryant. I feel like LeBron’s a sellout. No matter what nobody say. As a kid growing up it was never about no check or no ring. It was about, ‘I play basketball, man. I’m happy because I’m in the NBA.’ Now everybody, it’s like a check and a ring.” (WiLD 94.9)

Last summer, renowned movie director and diehard New York Knicks fan Spike Lee took a similar stance when asked about Kobe/LeBron.

“That’s a blockbuster. It tilted the power again,” Spike told MTV News after hearing the news Friday morning. The way Lee figures it, if his beloved Knicks aren’t in contention for the NBA title next season, he wouldn’t mind seeing L.A. win their 12th championship since moving to Los Angeles more than 50 years ago. For Spike, anything would be better than seeing New York rivals LeBron James and his Miami Heat win another championship. “I rather the Lakers win it than the Heat,” he said. “I do not want the Heat to win back-to-back. Hell no, hell-to-the-nah.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, Kobe hinted at how close he is to hanging his jersey up for good.

In a recent interview during the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend, when asked how much time he has left in his professional basketball career, the Los Angeles Laker replied: “Probably two years max. Two years max. Next year might be it. It’s one of those things I think I’ll wake up and I’ll know. And if it’s it for me, that’s it, and there’s no looking back.” Bryant’s $30.5 million contract ends after next season. There’s always the option for a one-year deal, but considering he’s made bank from his endorsements with everyone from Adidas to Turkish Airlines through the years, Black Mamba might be be headed for that early retirement. (VIBE)

The Los Angeles Lakers currently control the final qualifying spot in the Western Conference at No. 8.

Check out Fabolous’ interview:

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