Fabolous Wants Nas To Rise From The Dead, “I Wish Nas Would Just Let These Young Boys Know He’s That Dude” [Video]

Fabolous Wants Nas To Rise From The Dead, “I Wish Nas Would Just Let These Young Boys Know He’s That Dude” [Video]

New York rapper Fabolous has made a public calling for Nas to prepare a strong comeback and remind younger hip-hop generations of his rap pioneering skills.

From Fab’s perspective, young hip-hop heads tend to be unaware of Nas’ early 1990’s contributions.

“Nas, Nas, like Nas is so ill,” Fab told interviewer Karen Civil. “I think this younger generation of hip-hop really don’t know, like, I got a dude who rolls with me, he’s like 21, 22, he don’t know any of the ill Nas, he don’t know Illmatic, you just don’t know that Nas that I grew up with. I wish Nas would just let these young boys know he’s that dude.” (Karen Civil)

Rapper Bow Wow recently said he was prepared for Nas to drop a new LP.

“I’m ready for a new Nas Album,” he wrote yesterday (February 4). “1st day starting on my new album. @RealDjKayslay @bowwow614 when u got tht banger.. ima blow it up in NY<== yessir big homie. thank you. anything you need from me let me kno." (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

Nas recently spoke on his role in hip-hop and why he must be the voice for rap.

“A lot of people are fronting, like, ‘I’m from this. I’m from that,'” he said in an interview. “Even the so-called [socially] conscious rappers, they claim ghetto. I love jewelry. I love cars,” he said. “And part of it is because cars fascinate me. Part of it is because of what social status it represents. … So I do talk about it [on recordings]. Every gangster I’ve ever known or every street dude I’ve ever known has a heart. They know about … more than girls and booty-shakin’. And that’s who I’m here to represent. All my peers are dead, fugitives or locked up.” (Sun-Sentinel)

According to rapper Jay Electronica, a collaboration project with Nas is in the works.

Me and Nas have a project that we’re doing. I’m just trying. I’m in the process of working and connecting. I don’t really feel like a song or an album is the end-all, be-all to what we’re doing. You can expect my album this year. You can expect multiple projects this year. We’re going to do a lot this year.” (MTV)

Check out Fabolous’ interview with Karen Civil below:

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