Fabolous Talks Marijuana Bust, “Now I Got People Asking, What’s Up W/ Those Pounds.” [Video]

Fabolous Talks Marijuana Bust, “Now I Got People Asking, What’s Up W/ Those Pounds.” [Video]

Fabolous recently discussed his alleged involvement in a 500 pound marijuana bust earlier this year saying the media aims to over sensationalize his name.

Denying his involvement, Fab shared his reaction to the allegations.

“If I was to send 500 pounds from one side of the country to another, I think I would have to be hands on to do that,” Fab explained. “I took another experience from it to how now this media era, they love to attach a name to certain stories to sensationalize a story, so I think once the guy said any kinda name, it stuck. And the media ran with it and even though I read the story myself and it said at the end of the story, the cops questioned both of the guys involved and their stories wasn’t adding up. It seemed like lies, or made up stories, but people still ran with it. Now I got people asking ‘Fab, what’s up with those pounds?'” (Street Heat)

Fab’s name made headlines last February for his alleged involvement in a drug bust.

There were no rappers on board the bus, however the two drivers were arrested. Edward Thimas, 52, of Douglasville, GA., and Robert Morris, 44, of Augusta, GA both began to offer information as the police interrogated them claiming that none of the items in the locked compartment on the bus containing the marijuana, belonged to them, but actually to the people that they were transporting. Thimas told police they were returning from the game in Phoenix after escorting rapper Fabolous. He added that the two were headed to Boston to pick up another rapper whose name he couldn’t recall. (Arkansas Courier)

Aside from legal matters, Fab recently spoke to SOHH about his former girlfriend Tahiry making the final King Magazine cover.

“Definitely think it was big for her being that she’s never been on the cover of anything,” Fab said. “I think that’s kind of an accomplishment to say the least. She’s not a model. She’s just Joe Budden‘s girlfriend and she ended up being on King mag. It’s just congratulations really. The stupid rapper right here would’ve said something else, that would’ve got another blog mad back at me but it’s congratulations. I’m happy for her.” (SOHH)

The rapper is currently prepping the release of his upcoming album Loso’s Way, which is slated to hit stores this summer.

“The waiting is good ’cause that means they want something,” Fab said in an interview. “There’s a lot of n*ggas they ain’t waitin’ for, they just coming…I’m one of the dudes that I feel like they waitin’ for me to come and it’s good. I can come out in two years…End of April, top of May, I swear to God. I’m having a meeting about the mini-movie tonight. The mini-movie is gonna be like, an hour long to set the album up….This is motion picture sh*t.” (Best of Both Offices)

Check out Fabolous’ interview below:

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