Fabolous Talks Jay-Z Collabo & 9-11 As Release Date, “It Was A Good Day For Hip-Hop” [Audio]

Fabolous Talks Jay-Z Collabo & 9-11 As Release Date, “It Was A Good Day For Hip-Hop” [Audio]

Fabolous recently offered details about his collaboration with former Def Jam president Jay-Z, entitled “When The Money Goes,” and recounted the infamous 9-11 release date he shared with the hip-hop mogul.

F-a-b-o also discussed the significance of his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous, dropping on the same day as Jay’s Blueprint on September 11th, 2001.

“It’s a joint about when you’re doing your thing and everything is good all the time and the ladies are rolling with that but lets say those things change and the sun wasn’t shining as well, would the honey be around then,” Fab explained about his collaboration with Jay. “[Him being president] definitely influenced our relationship. Of course we had seen each other in passing of course throughout the years but now with him being president we developed a different kind of relationship, you know what I mean? An artist-to-president relationship and also an artist-to-artist relationship as well because we’ve collaborated twice since then, so I think it was dope. And I always been a fan of Jay’s music so it’s a good thing…[September 11th, our albums] came out the same day…It was a good day for hip-hop and sometimes I think the music helped out, people got to take their minds off some of the stresses going on through that at the time.” (Bootleg Kev)

Fab previously spoke with SOHH about his record with Jigga.

“Actually, it got leaked and it was a version with Jay only rapping on it and it’s called, ‘When The Money Goes,’ Fabolous said. “Jay had recorded something to it, I guess what you hear on the leak, for American Gangster and I don’t think it made the final cut so he had reached out to me, knowing that I was working on this project and knowing the theme of what I was trying to put together and said, ‘Yo, I got a record that might fit in to play.’ So, when he brought the record to the table it did. I re-vocaled it. Jay is just on the hook as far as that, it was his idea for the hook.” (SOHH)

The New York rapper recently said his upcoming solo project would likely outshine all 2009 releases.

“The album is coming June 30th,” Fab announced in a video. “I’ve been holding the date for a little while just because I wanted to keep y’all just asking me. But now I gave y’all an answer. June 30th, Loso’s Way will be in stores. It’s one of the best album, nah, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it’s the best. I don’t know what’s coming after me but what I’ve heard before, I’m gonna say my album is the best album coming out. So make sure you go get that and become a part of this, MyFabolousLife. We also have four trailer videos we’re gonna release each week until the album comes out. So look for the first trailer which is probably gonna be called ‘Toast to the Good Life,’ and that should be out the first week of June. I will be in a lot of y’all cities for your Summer Jams or your summer shows this June.” (MyFabolousLife)

A tracklisting for Loso’s Way leaked online last month.

Loso’s Way tracklist: “The Way,” “Imma Do It,” “My Time” featuring Jeremih, “Please Don’t Go” featuring Marsha, “Lullaby,” “When The Money Goes” featuring Jay-Z, “Throw It in the Bag” featuring The-Dream, “General” featuring Lil Wayne, “Pachanga,” “Last Time” featuring Trey Songz, “I’m Back,” “All My Ladies” featuring Keri Hilson, “Fabolous’ Life” featuring Ryan Leslie and “Let’s Make Love” featuring Ne-Yo. Production includes Street Runners, DJ Khalil, The Runners, Syience, The Alchemist, JD, Tricky Stewart, Miguel, Sid V, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Ryan Leslie. (Rap-Up)

Loso’s Way is currently slated to hit shelves Tuesday, June 30th via Def Jam.

Check out Fab’s interview below:

Bootleg Kev interviews Fabolous from Bootleg Kev on Vimeo.

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