Fabolous Says ‘Weezy Probably’ Still Doesn’t Like Him, Drops “So NY” Visual [Video]

Fabolous Says ‘Weezy Probably’ Still Doesn’t Like Him, Drops “So NY” Visual [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has finally put a visual together for last year’s “So NY” anthem with a vivid music video for the Just Blaze-produced track.

After dropping last September, Loso’s new video arrived today (January 22) to heat up the winter.

New York City’s own, Fabolous, returns to the game today with a dope new video for his track “So NY”. The track was produced by Just Blaze and finds Fab putting on for his hometown in lyrical form. The video for “So NY” plays out like an urban commercial trying to draw folks to visit from out of town. As it starts out we get a beautiful view of the city before hitting the streets to see what life is like in the Big Apple. Fab hits the track running and gives us a history lesson while showing off the streets that raised him. (Stupid Dope)

On the record, Fab playfully name-drops Lil Wayne for taking a jab at his hometown last summer.

“I’m so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me, I’m so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me,” Fab raps. “For my city, emphasis on my city/You gotta go to LA if you looking for Diddy/You gotta check CT if you looking for Fiddy/N*ggas in Paris, but what about the city/I’m so NY like the folks who make Playstation/Hope y’all enjoyed your summer vacation…” (“So NY”)

Back in August, Weezy F. Baby ruffled some feathers when he revealed his dislike for the Big Apple.

Lil Wayne has never been shy about expressing his disdain for New York, but that didn’t stop Tunechi from rolling through the Roseland Ballroom to rock the stage with Nicki Minaj. “Flat out: I don’t like New York,” Weezy told MTV News on Monday night while in Las Vegas to introduce his new line of sneakers with Supra. Wayne’s distaste for the Big Apple performances is understandable, considering it was his 2007 gun arrest after a NYC show that led to his 2010 incarceration. “You’re not supposed to leave it at, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ ” Wayne said of how the failed Summer Jam set turned into a blessing in disguise. “I believe everything happens for a reason and then you make the most of that reason. I think we made the most of it last week.” (MTV)

Recently, Fab talked about wanting to put on for his city and fill any void rap mogul Jay-Z has left.

“I feel like New York music is not at its strongest point but it needs somebody to be its backbone,” Fab said in an interview. “You look at Jay-Z and Jay-Z has been that backbone, been that superstar from New York and even an icon and I think that’s where his place is now. It’s not even just as a New York artist. He overshadows just trying to be a New York artist. You need somene who can also step in the shoes. When you come here, when you go to the club, when you see the fashion, when you see everything that represents New York, and each region of music has that. It’s time for me to just step into those shoes.” (YouTube)

Check out Fabolous’ “So NY” music video:

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