Fabolous Says There’s Still No Competition, Brings Death In 3’s

Fabolous Says There’s Still No Competition, Brings Death In 3’s

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous is once again resorting to the underground scene with the new announcement that he is putting together a There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3’s.

Although he did not offer a release date, Fab did announce the project this week.

“There Is No Competition 3 – Death Comes In 3’s…. Coming Soon #TiNc3[,” he tweeted November 9th. (Fabolous’ Twitter)

He previously planned to drop a follow-up to 2009’s Loso’s Way last September.

“The next album is coming in September, so I’m working on that, trying to finish that up,” Fab said in a June 2011 interview referring to Loso’s Way 2. “We’re looking to do that around September 13th. September 11th is actually when my first album dropped, ten years ago, that was also the tragic day of 9/11, so you know, my album dropped that same day. And we kind of want to do a ten-year anniversary kind of feel. So, we looking for September 13th. I’m working with a lot of guys. It’s still in the baby stages, so I don’t want to give too much of the info out right now but it’s soon to come. Everything will be out there.” (Hot 106)

In April, Fab said he decided not to give the project a definite deadline in order to have it come together organically.

“The album, we just started on that. I really just got a lot of beats on that, picking beats out or whatever. Then I lock in and attack the beats, like a monster in a cave. [Laughs] I drag the beats back to my cave. [Deadline?] Not really. I usually have deadlines but I don’t. They tell you what time you need to do something, and it’s like, ‘Okay, I work toward that time, but if it’s not ready, it’s not ready.’ But I’m definitely not the type that will just let something not come out. There’s a couple [of] albums right now that people have been talking about for a year…” (XXL Mag)

Fab’s There Is No Competition 2 officially released last year.

The Funeral Service, the title of the mixtape is There Is No Competition, so I played off that like the competition is all dead to me. I don’t see anybody who could even be competition for me. I bump into a lot of people — I’m not gonna drop nobody’s name — but they say, ‘Just stay where you’re at. You’re in a perfect lane. Nobody can do what you do right now as far as being a lyrical dude and one of the guys that all the R&B artists run to to get on joints. It works for you.’ My lane is my lane. As an artist, I think I’ve evolved in my lane too.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Fabolous footage down below:

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