Fabolous Says It’s Time: “I’ve Been Off For A Couple Of Years”

Fabolous Says It’s Time: “I’ve Been Off For A Couple Of Years”

Grammy-nominated rapper Fabolous is inching closer to finally dropping his long-awaited Loso’s Way 2 solo album and revealed singer Chris Brown will play an influential role in the comeback.

According to Fab, his new Breezy-assisted, Runners-produced “Ready” track will remind fans of his status in the rap game.

“I’m ready to come back. I’ve been off for a couple of years. I’ve still put out a few mixtapes, you know The S.O.U.L. Tape 1 and 2,” Fab told MTV News of how he spent his time since dropping 2009’s Loso’s Way. “But it’s time for me to get back in the game commercially and drop some radio hits. I think everybody knows Fab for those genuine radio smash records and that’s where ‘Ready’ starts right back off, my foundation of what I do.” (MTV)

Coincidentally, Loso recently came to Breezy’s defense in light of his often criticized image.

“I can’t wager my friendship on a public or media persona of him,” Fabolous told us at Barbounia during a lunch for Respect magazine. “Those people who have bad reputations, of course you wouldn’t want to be around. But I don’t believe he’s a bad person. I believe, even if you’re looking at the situation with Rihanna, things happen and you move on.” Adding, “Whatever happened in the past is the past . . . even Rihanna’s moved on. The public has perceptions of people off of what they see, not what they know.” Brown is featured on “Really” on Fabolous’ new album “Loso’s Way II.” (New York Post)

Leading into this week, Fab revealed a couple guest appearances for Loso’s Way 2 and announced a projected drop date.

Future’s on there. Rick Ross is on there as well, and I’ve been talking with Nas and trying to reach out to Kendrick,” Fab revealed in an interview when asked who would appear on his upcoming Loso’s Way 2 solo album. “[Release date?] Not yet. I’m looking like May-ish. Mid May, end of May.” (“Los Angeles Leakers”)

He previously stressed the importance of finding the right sound for his sixth solo effort.

Fabolous recently told VIBE, Loso’s Way 2, could be ready by as early as this spring/early summer. In an exclusive interview in New York City, Loso reveleaed he’s been laying the groundwork for the project. “Loso’s Way 2 is slated for 2012 release and looking spring/early summer. This mixtape is going to coast us into that and bring some energy to this time as well,” Fab told VIBE. “I’m very premature with the album as of yet, as of now, just grabbing up the beats and putting some ideas down.” Currently, the Brooklyn rapper is looking for the right production to fit his sequel. “I went in with Hit-Boy. I went in with No I.D. I went in with Pharrell. I went in with a lot of guys that didn’t have to have that big name either. It’s just about the energy. I love the new young guys’ energy,” explained Fabolous. (VIBE)

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