Fabolous Says He’s Still Going Loso’s Way, “People Know What I Do”

Fabolous Says He’s Still Going Loso’s Way, “People Know What I Do”

New York rapper Fabolous recently updated fans on the status of his upcoming Loso’s Way 2 solo album and said the delayed project should hit store shelves this fall.

Fab said he has paced himself and decided to drop new music throughout the year to lead up to Loso’s Way 2.

“I gave that music just to keep the people fed. At some point they get starved, like, we need some music, so I gave them the [There Is No Competition 3], and since then I’ve been working on the album,” Fab said in an interview. “The whole process in between that, I’ve just been working on the album and getting it ready. The release should be top of fall. … This one is really growth and evolution. I think people know what I do — they know I’ve been in the game for a minute, but you gotta continuously show that growth and show that you’re bringing something. It’s the same thing, it’s the same steps over and over again, but you gotta make it look new.” (MTV)

Earlier this year, Loso said he still had to find the right production for his LP.

Fabolous recently told VIBE, Loso’s Way 2, could be ready by as early as this spring/early summer. In an exclusive interview in New York City, Loso reveleaed he’s been laying the groundwork for the project. “Loso’s Way 2 is slated for 2012 release and looking spring/early summer. This mixtape is going to coast us into that and bring some energy to this time as well,” Fab told VIBE. “I’m very premature with the album as of yet, as of now, just grabbing up the beats and putting some ideas down.” Currently, the Brooklyn rapper is looking for the right production to fit his sequel. “I went in with Hit-Boy. I went in with No I.D. I went in with Pharrell. I went in with a lot of guys that didn’t have to have that big name either. It’s just about the energy. I love the new young guys’ energy,” explained Fabolous. (VIBE)

Fab previously talked about his There Is No Competition 3 mixtape elevating his status as a serious New York emcee heavyweight.

“[This mixtape] was a branding opportunity, to get people ready for the album to come,” Fab said referring to his upcoming Loso’s Way 2 LP. “A lot of people are gonna get fueled up off of this mixtape and that’s actually what we want to do. We want to get people ready for what’s to come. I want to give the message of evolution. I want to give the message of me stepping into the shoes as the frontrunner and representative of New York and New York music. I feel like the shoes are there for me to put on. They’re just sitting at the door and I’m coming down the stairs with my robe and my paper and sometimes I just look at the shoes and sometimes I just go in the kitchen and eat breakfast. But now I’m ready. I’m dressed and all of that. [It’s time to] put the shoes on.” (Real Talk NY)

In 2009, Fab’s Loso’s Way studio album debuted atop its competition.

Fabolous’ Loso’s Way debuted at No. 1 this week with 99,000 copies sold throughout the country. Following behind the Def Jam artist’s release was Daughtry’s Leave This Town which pushed 62,000 and Maxwell’s Black Summer’s Night at No. 3 with 55,200 sold records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Fabolous footage below:

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