Fabolous Says He Wants King Of NY Status, “The Shoes Are There For Me To Put On” [Video]

Fabolous Says He Wants King Of NY Status, “The Shoes Are There For Me To Put On” [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Papoose may have to make room as Fabolous has announced his aim to become the front representative of New York’s music scene.

Talking about his upcoming There Is No Competition 3 mixtape, Fab said the project should show off his maturity and hunger for New York’s shine.

“[This mixtape] was a branding opportunity, to get people ready for the album to come,” Fab said referring to his upcoming Loso’s Way 2 LP. “A lot of people are gonna get fueled up off of this mixtape and that’s actually what we want to do. We want to get people ready for what’s to come. I want to give the message of evolution. I want to give the message of me stepping into the shoes as the frontrunner and representative of New York and New York music. I feel like the shoes are there for me to put on. They’re just sitting at the door and I’m coming down the stairs with my robe and my paper and sometimes I just look at the shoes and sometimes I just go in the kitchen and eat breakfast. But now I’m ready. I’m dressed and all of that. [It’s time to] put the shoes on.” (Real Talk NY)

In early fall, Papoose proclaimed himself as the crown-holding “King of New York.”

“Sometimes people get a little bothered by the truth. More or less, man the reason why I let knowledge be born that I’m the king is because it’s time,” Papoose explained. “It’s 2011 so if you know anything about yourself then you know that’s the year of the king…I’mma start off by saying that it’s nobody nicer than me in New York. I’m the king of New York. I couldn’t give less than a f*ck how a n*gga feel about it.” (Forbez DVD)

Last summer, reality star-turned-singer Miss Tila told SOHH she would crown Jay-Z “King of New York” over Nas.

“I have much respect for Nas, he’s done a lot for the hip-hop community but I definitely, yeah, I don’t think anybody can beat Jay-Z at this point,” Tila told SOHH when asked who she views as the King of New York. “Jay-Z’s definitely the King of New York. I’ve been his fan ever since he was just running around with Foxy Brown. I grew up in Houston, Texas [and] I just watched his career grow and grow and he’s just a huge mogul. It’s very inspiring so I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I can move out to New York and follow in his footsteps.'” (SOHH)

In November, Fab announced plans to put together his final There Is No Competition mixtape project.

“There Is No Competition 3 – Death Comes In 3’s…. Coming Soon #TiNc3[,” he tweeted November 9th. (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Check out Fabolous’ interview below:

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