Fabolous Says He Be Grillin’ Em, “I’m Getting Too Old For A Chipped Tooth In My Mouth” [Audio]

Fabolous Says He Be Grillin’ Em, “I’m Getting Too Old For A Chipped Tooth In My Mouth” [Audio]

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous appears to be headed Nas‘ way with plans to fix his entire grill including the iconic chipped front tooth.

Appearing on New York radio station Hot 97 Thursday (December 1), Fab publicly broke the news.

“I’m going to get all of my teeth fixed soon,” Fab told radio host Angie Martinez. “[Even my chipped tooth?] Yup. I am. I’m getting too old to have a chipped tooth in my mouth. [When?] I don’t know, I’m just going to shock the world with it. [Ustream?] The whole job? The whole thing? [laughs] This Internet world. They just want everything now. [Maybe a] reality show, ‘Fab Gets His Tooth Fixed.’ [laughs]” (Hot 97)

Loso is known for rapping about his eye-catching tooth on records like 2001’s “Right Now & Later On.”

“I know you wanna sip Proof/And try an make me crack a smile, just so you can see my chipped tooth/I’m tryin’ get you, in and out of my room/Just to get, in and out of your womb.” (“Right Now & Later On”)

Over the summer, Nas playfully tweeted Fab should never fix his chipped tooth.

Nas has a little advice for Fabolous: don’t fix the chipped tooth. “Tell Fab keep it chipped since so many ppl mad I fixed mine, don’t make them maadd Fab! …,” tweeted the Queensbridge rapper during an impromptu #AskNas session on Thursday. (ABC News)

In 2008, fellow New York rap star 50 Cent had his teeth fixed.

I did a double take last night when I came across pics of 50 Cent performing at Sundance this weekend. Something was looking kind’ve different so I grabbed my glasses and woo-lah!! It was the grill. Veneers are the new golds and 50 Cent looks d*mn nice if I should say so myself. He betta work. Gotta love it! (Necole Bitchie)

Check out Fabolous’ interview below:

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