Fabolous Salutes 50 Cent’s Street King Movement [Video]

Fabolous Salutes 50 Cent’s Street King Movement [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has offered his take on G-Unit general 50 Cent using his fame and fortune to help fight global hunger with the new Street King energy drink campaign.

Speaking with hip-hop personality Young Jack Thriller, Fab said he fully supports Fif’s efforts.

“I think it’s dope, man. I salute anybody whose in a position to help other people out and take their time, take their luxury, their finance, their everything into putting a situation together that helps somebody else,” Fab said in an interview. “I salute 50 with that. He briefly spoke to me about it while we were heading to Australia and I think it’s only right to give back to someone else.” (This Is 50)

50 has linked with mega soda company PepsiCo to help spread the energy drink.

“I did a deal with pepsi to distribute streetking its gonna be every were buy a bottle a feed some one in need. SK,” 50 tweeted Monday (Janaury 2). (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Along with Fab’s co-sign, the G-Unit leader recently said Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz are behind Street King.

“I feel like away from the actual energy drink itself that the business model for Street King is the solution for a lot of the actual issues that are going on right now,” 50 said in an interview. “When you look at Occupy Wall Street and the protestors there, it’s them feeling like major corporations don’t care about working class people. It’s concious capitalism, it’s creating a business model that’s already giving back — When Jay-Z’s e-mailing me and Swizz Beatz is giving me a call, it tells me that my peers are actually watching. Just imagine if Google’s under this model. It’s only ten years old. That’d solve a huge portion of problems as far as world hunger’s concern.” (CNN International)

The rapper has also received support from boxing greats Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Mike Tyson for his campaign.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather wake up in a disheveled hotel room after a wild night of partying in a parody of The Hangover created to promote Curtis’ Street King energy drink. One of the film’s stars Mike Tyson emerges from the bathroom singing 50’s “What Up Gangsta” before excitedly reminding the guys what went down. The clip flashes back to the trio sitting in a club as 50 spikes Tyson’s drink with a shot of Street King. It’s not long before he gets up and starts dancing with the ladies before taking them back to the room for a pillow fight. “Didn’t you see me step to that tall piece of water like a thoroughbred, not a loaf of bread, but a thoroughbred?” says Tyson as he jumps up and down. (Rap-Up)

Check out Fabolous’ interview below:

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